Variety of magnets

- Nov 18, 2017 -

The first we have to talk about NdFeB powerful magnets, commonly known as strong magnetic, is now recognized as the king of the world. Magnetism is the most powerful magnet in all magnets. Its composition of the organization of iron which occupies the main components, up to 70% of the total, of which neodymium, boron, rare earth, lanthanum, strontium, cerium account for only 30% of them. NdFeB powerful magnet temperature coefficient is not the same, the higher the temperature ratio of the material is different. Ordinary magnetic temperature up to 80 ℃, up to 220 degrees Celsius. NdFeB powerful magnets are widely used in aviation, electromechanical, packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, luggage, hardware, plastic, etc.

The second must talk about ferrite, commonly known as Pomai, black magnetic. Is a metal oxide. Ferrite relative to NdFeB powerful magnet about 10 times lower magnetic, while the price will be about ten times cheaper. Ferrite is generally suitable for refrigerator stickers, motors, motors, etc. His main components of barium, strontium, lead, etc.

The third to talk about rubber magnets, commonly known as soft magnetic, plastic magnetic is a softening magnetic material. Rubber magnetic generally applicable to the refrigerator stickers, bookmarks, refrigerator door suction, light box magnetism.


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