Various types of permanent magnet products introduced(2)

- Nov 07, 2017 -

Various types of permanent magnet products

(2) various types of permanent magnets and performance parameters

We have known from the previous introduction of different types of permanent magnets, their magnetic properties vary greatly, other properties are also different. For the same type of permanent magnet, according to the different material composition and production conditions, but also can produce a variety of different performance magnets. For the same type of magnets, we usually define different grades. Each grade corresponds to one kind of performance parameter magnet. In practice, the grade of the used magnets can be determined according to the performance of the required products. The following types of permanent magnets are introduced one by one, and lists the grades and performance parameters in order to understand the different grades of magnets performance parameters.

② sintered NdFeB

Sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets are currently used in the form of the brand has been more uniform, as shown below with the maximum magnetic energy product (BH) max and coercivity and temperature changes.


In the above figure, the numbers indicate the maximum energy product (BH) max (unit: MGOe), the highest temperature and the coercivity value corresponding to the other letters

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