Water meter magnet

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Water meters Learn about the magnetic materials commonly known as magnets. There are actually several different things: The most common type of magnets, such as a magnet for a typical loudspeaker, is a ferrite magnet. They are used in steel mills hot-rolled from the surface of the billet rolled off the scale (flaky iron oxide), after the impurity, crushed and then add a small amount of other substances into the steel mold pressure molding , And then in the reducing furnace (through hydrogen) sintering, so that part of the oxide reduction ferrite, cooling, and then placed in the exciter magnetizing produced. More sophisticated than them is the magnet: Magnet is a real steel, with the exception of iron, the main high nickel content. It is generally medium frequency electric smelting (only 100 kilograms per furnace), casting molding, because of the accuracy of some of the plane requirements, generally have to use grinder grinding. Then magnetize, become a product. This kind of magnet is used in all kinds of meters. More advanced magnetic materials, is NdFeB magnet. They are rare earth elements containing neodymium, iron and boron. Production is the method of carbide production: after milling - mixing - molding - sintering - finishing - from magnetization


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