What are the types of magnets ​

- Oct 30, 2017 -

What are the types of magnets

In the current industrial production and other areas of work, people for the use of steel is very common. Magnet steel manufacturers to produce the product is more, when we are on the magnetic steel material classification, often from its magnetic properties of the starting point. Based on this, we are based on the magnetic properties of magnetic materials will be divided into permanent magnet and non-permanent magnet two, is the production of mechanical shears the main material.

Permanent magnet steel

Sintered NdFeB Magnet Introduction Permanent magnet is also often referred to as hard magnetic, which is formed because the associated magnetic material is magnetized by an external magnetic field to provide itself with a long-term retention of its ferromagnetic properties. Permanent magnet steel is characterized by a relatively high coercive field, while the coercive field is the magnet to maintain permanent magnet is the key. It is important to note that the magnetism of natural magnetite is generally permanent. At present, often used to the permanent magnet steel mainly aluminum nickel cobalt magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, ferrite magnets and NdFeB magnets and so on. Among them, the highest price of permanent magnet is samarium cobalt magnet, and the lowest price is ferrite magnet, in addition, in so many permanent magnet steel, the best performance is a NdFeB magnet, However, the performance of alnico magnets will be more stable, and aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnet has the best temperature stability factor.

Non - permanent magnet

Non-permanent magnets are also often referred to as soft magnetic. Non-permanent magnetically magnetic materials typically have relatively low low coercive magnetic fields with relatively high permeability. Non-permanent magnet steel material in the production operations are easier to be magnetized, but also easier to be demagnetized. Specifically, for example, when the non-permanent magnet is heated to a certain temperature range, it will instantly lose its magnetic properties. At present, non-permanent magnet steel is mainly used in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry and electronic equipment manufacturing industry widely used, which is the largest demand for non-permanent magnet steel silicon alloy is silicon steel, as well as electromagnets, current magnetic devices and other soft Ferrite. Therefore, non-permanent magnet steel is an important material in the field of industrial production, especially in the field of electronics industry.

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