What factors affect the magnetic force of the magnet

- Nov 28, 2017 -

A lot of products in our life are magnetic, just like the magnetic cards we are using now, so there are a lot of magnet manufacturers in the market now. There are some problems in the process of using such products, This has some impact on our lives and work, the following is to say what the factors that affect the magnetism of the magnet:

      Affect the magnets A magnetic force factor: Temperature, due to the type of magnet (such as: ferrite magnets, neodymium iron boron magnets, bonded NdFeB, Alnico, shirt cobalt, iron chromium cobalt, injection molded ferrite, etc.) There are dozens of kinds, have the corresponding temperature limit. In general. Products in the use of the process, below the temperature limit of the magnet, there will be no demagnetization. Therefore, the magnet can not demagnetization and life expectancy, completely use the product temperature and magnet temperature selection of materials.

      Second, the impact of magnet magnetic force: the existence of alternating magnetic field. People who know something about magnets know that magnets are N, S pole or multipole. If there is another magnetic field around the use of the magnet, it will offset part of the magnet's magnetic force. This is what people call demagnetization in the temperature range.

      Three factors affect the magnet magnet: mechanical vibration. This is a certain association with the assembly. The magnets are rubbed against the product during the assembly process, because the material properties of the magnet are brittle, causing the body to wear and become smaller in size. So the magnet will slowly weaken.

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