What is a shaped magnet?

- Nov 10, 2017 -

      A talk about shaped, we do not think there will be a lot of shapes, but it really is like this, not only shaped like this, shaped magnets are like that, can be divided into many shapes, even if the original is a square The shape, after processing can also be shaped magnet, the role of shaped magnets in life is also varied.

      Shaped magnets can be divided into the following several commonly used in our lives, of course, some of us can not use, so today the first used to enumerate: First, the horseshoe magnet, because the shape of horseshoe named, is a Very classic shaped magnet. Two-ring magnet, some people can not help but have some doubts, is the ring magnet is shaped magnet, but the answer to this question is indeed, although it can be said that it is round, but not spherical shape, so no Way to the ball into this category, but he is indeed cut out of the ball, so now this ring magnet we can only be classified into a shaped magnet inside, there is a we do not often see in life, But in the children's toys are prevalent in a shaped magnet, magnetic stick, magnetic stick is also a kind of shaped magnet Oh, similar to the ring magnet, there is a tile magnet, because of its shape and named, I believe everyone It can be imagined to it.

      There are many types of shaped magnets, not here one by one, but because of the nature of the magnet, the same pole mutual attraction, so no matter what the shape of the magnet, its safety performance is still relatively good, so everyone in the Life can be used with confidence.

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