What is a Single-sided magnet?

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Magnets have poles, but in some working positions need a single pole of the magnet, so the need to use iron to cover a magnet, so that iron side of the magnetic side of the block, through the iron sheet to the other side of the refraction Magnet, so that the other side of the magnet magnetic force enhancement, such a magnet is collectively referred to as single-sided magnetic or single-sided magnet. There is no real single-sided magnet!

Single-sided magnet material

Single-sided magnets used in the material is generally curved iron and NdFeB strong magnets, single-sided magnet used in the shape of NdFeB magnets generally round shape of the majority.

Single-sided magnet use

1, the print industry is widely used in the gift box, cell phone box, alcohol and tobacco packaging box, cell phone box, MP3 box, moon cake box and so on products are single-sided magnet exists.

2, leather industry is widely used, luggage, briefcases, travel bags, cell phone sets, purses, etc. leather goods have the presence of single-sided magnet.

3, the stationery industry is widely used, notebooks, white buckle, folders, magnetic nameplate, and so have the presence of single-sided magnet.

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