What is magnetic coercivity and intrinsic coercivity

- Oct 31, 2017 -

The value of the reverse magnetic field required to reduce the magnetic flux intensity to zero when the magnet is magnetized in the reverse magnetization is called the magnetic flux (Hcb), but the magnetization of the magnet is not Is zero, except that the applied magnetic field and the magnetization of the magnets cancel each other out. At this point if the external magnetic field is removed. Magnet still has a certain magnetic properties. And NdFeB magnets of the coercive force is generally more than 110,000

  So that the magnetization of the magnets to zero required to apply the reverse magnetic field strength, we call it intrinsic coercivity. Intrinsic coercivity is a measure of the amount of physical anti-demagnetization of a magnet. If the applied magnetic field is equal to the intrinsic energy of the magnet. The magnetism of the magnet will be substantially eliminated. While the inherent strength of neodymium iron boron magnets will increase with the increase of temperature. When we choose to use NdFeB magnets, be sure to choose the grades that are suitable for us.

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