What is NdFeB bonded magnet?

- Oct 27, 2017 -

NdFeB bonded permanent magnet material is made of NdFeB magnetic powder by adding binder. Since the successful development of this material since 1988, its development is quite rapid, the output doubled to grow, it as a high-performance permanent magnet material, in line with contemporary electronic products short, small, light, thin direction of the development trend.

Bonding NdFeB permanent magnet material production and application development late, the application is not wide, the amount of small, mainly for office automation equipment, electrical equipment, audio-visual equipment, instrumentation, small motors and measuring machinery, , CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drive motor, hard disk spindle motor HDD, other micro-DC motor and automatic instrumentation and other fields widely used. In recent years, China's bonded NdFeB permanent magnet material application ratio: 62% of the computer, the electronics industry accounted for 7%, office automation equipment accounted for 8%, 7% of cars, appliances accounted for 7%, other 9%.

Product Advantages

High remanence, high coercivity, high magnetic energy product, high cost performance, easy processing of various sizes and minimum specifications

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