What is production and processing methods of special shape magnet?

- Nov 08, 2017 -

If non-magnet professionals generally see the magnets are round or square, which are all ordinary types of magnets, and shaped magnets are generally irregular shape of the magnet, that is, a special magnet, the magnet industry is the most common Convex magnet, square, round have.

Perhaps, some friends mistakenly believe that the magnet products and hardware products, it is not true, the hardware products can be car, milling, grinding, planing and other methods of processing, and the magnet products are limited and grinding process, because the magnet hard and brittle physical properties, Car, milling, planing, and other processing methods will cause damage to the magnet itself, but the magnet products and hardware products have one thing in common is that the magnet products can also be perforated, NdFeB powerful magnet magnetic tile commonly used in brushless Motor motor, in our said motor, mainly brushless motor and AC servo motor, and the main tile-based, because the current sintered NdFeB are mainly unidirectional orientation, that is, the magnetic can only be one direction of charge Magnetic, so it can not be made of magnetic ring for more than 2 pole magnetization.

The radial orientation sintering NdFeB now developed can do this. The difference between the two is in the suppression of the orientation of different directions, but the radial mold to the product is more complex, there must be mold on the magnetic charge. Radial orientation Sintered NdFeB rings will first be applied in brushless and AC servo motors, which is determined by the price of both. The use of radial orientation, even if the magnetic tile is also very useful, its magnetization waveform close to the rectangular wave, rather than saddle-shaped.


Is it have difficult in processing special shape magnet?

Processing more difficult than the average difficulty, including magnetizing.


Maybe you will asked where will special shape magnet mainly used in?

The most widely used shaped magnet materials are: neodymium rare earth magnet, ferrite. In particular, shaped magnetic shingle, are the more common one of the special-shaped magnet. The main application and a variety of machines, motors, electro-acoustic, motors, wind turbines and other industrial purposes.

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