What is the anti-jamming ring, anti-jamming ring how much use?

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Perhaps you will be curious, anti-jamming magnetic ring Why is also called ferrite ring, what is the anti-jamming ring? Anti-jamming ring generally used in where? Anti-interference role of magnetic ring is not big? These problems are only known to the public in the industry. For example, electronic products are disturbed by external signals, intruding into electronic products, causing electronic products to receive disturbances from external disturbances and fail to operate normally, while anti-interference magnetic rings, Just to have this feature, as long as the product with anti-jamming ring, it can prevent external disturbances intrusion into electronic products, electronic products can make normal operation, played a anti-jamming effect, it is called anti-jamming ring.

Guess you will ask, anti-jamming ring that ferrite ring is how come, because the ferrite ring it is made of iron oxide, nickel oxide, zinc oxide, copper oxide and other ferrite materials As these materials contain ferrite components, and the ferrite material products like a ring, so as time passes it is called a ferrite ring.

General anti-jamming magnetic ring used for data lines, audio lines.

Anti-interference ring picture


Anti-interference ring

Tips: anti-interference magnetic ring, ferrite magnetic ring Ye Hao, they only claim not the same, and the material and performance are the same, are made of iron oxide, nickel oxide, zinc oxide, copper oxide and other materials Made, so we do not have to be too concerned about its title, but for its performance and appearance and size.

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