What is the best plating in NdFeB magnet surface?

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Neodymium iron boron magnets due to poor corrosion resistance, so generally need to be electroplating anti-corrosion, then the problem is, what should I give the magnet plating? What is the best effect? What is the best effect on the surface of neodymium iron boron coating, first of all we should know what can be plated neodymium iron boron?


NdFeB magnet(neodymium magnets sale) common coating what?

Magnet neodymium coating generally nickel, copper, chromium, gold, black zinc, blue white zinc, epoxy resin and so on. Different plating, the color of the magnet surface will be different, long-term preservation of the length of time.

The effects of NI, ZN, epoxy resin and PARYLENE-C coating on the magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets in three solutions were compared. The results show that in the acid, alkali and salt environments, the coating of polymer materials The best protection of the magnet, epoxy relatively poor, followed by the NI coating, ZN coating is relatively poor:

Zinc: The surface looks silver white, do 12-48 hours salt spray can be used in some glue, (such as AB glue), such as electroplating can be stored for two years to five years.

Nickel: Seemingly stainless steel colors, leaving the surface in the air is difficult to be oxidized, and look good, good gloss, plating can be 12 - 72 hours salt spray test. The disadvantage is that it can not be used with some glue, which will make the coating fall off. Accelerate oxidation, and now more on the market for nickel - copper - nickel plating this way to do 120--200 hours salt spray

Copper: Appear in the hardware industry, NdFeB industry few people use, its appearance is yellow.

Chromium: Chrome plating industry is also relatively rare, the plating costs are high, the average company can not accept. However, its ability to decay is very strong and it is difficult to react with other substances. Mainly used in the place of strong pH. Generally seldom choose this,

Black zinc: It is based on customer requirements to black the surface of its products, mainly in the plating process on the basis of galvanized chemical treatment plus a layer of black protective film, this film can also play a protective role in the product, growth Salt spray time, prolonged oxidation time. However, its surface is easily scratched, losing its protective effect. There are very few people now, mostly replaced by resin. Here we have instructions.

Gold: Most of the yellow gold jewelery we see on the street at stalls is gilded, or copper. Gold-plated appearance of the product looks just like gold is very beautiful, generally used for jewelry industry, our products can be gold-plated, for magnetic jewelry.

Epoxy resin: is the product of nickel and then add a layer of resin paint outside, the industry only two years before the market, its rapid development, and now a variety of people with a lot of plating products, the biggest advantage is Can do the color you want.


PS: Should be based on the use of the environment to choose the appropriate coating. The factory plating is not the same, the most important reason is the length of the chamfer and plating time, do not understand the case of magnet plating, how should we determine the quality of the coating is good or bad, in fact, there is a simple and quick way is Look at the coating, the brighter the brighter the better the quality, so in the choice of order magnet, try to choose more well-known enterprises in the industry to ensure the quality of the coating.

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