What is the demagnetization curve square?

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Demagnetization curve Square chart is an important indicator of magnetic properties of permanent magnets. When the magnet is in dynamic working condition, the external reverse magnetic field H or the demagnetizing field Hd in the magnet periodically changes. For the Nd-Fe-B sintered magnet, the closer the demagnetization curve of B is to the straight line, the more the magnet under the dynamic working condition The better the stability

It is noteworthy that if the magnet B demagnetization curve is not a straight line, then the magnet permeability μrec. At different operating points have different values, how to design the magnet in the most stable working condition, it is very important.

Define the magnet demagnetization curve, the reverse magnetic field size Hk, Hk / jHc can intuitively indicate the square of the demagnetization curve of the magnet. For neodymium magnets with high jHc, jHc is much larger than bHc. Hk / jHc is also one of the important indicators of magnetic properties of permanent magnets, which also characterizes the stability of magnets under dynamic operating conditions.

Article from NdFeB Industry Network

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