What is VCM? (Magnet for Mechanical​)

- Nov 02, 2017 -

High performance NdFeB

1. High-performance NdFeB mainly include:

Hcj (kOe) + (BH) max (MGOe)> 60, for the production of small, micro-special purpose permanent magnet motor, sensors, magnetic resonance, advanced audio and video equipment, such as sintering NdFeB

(BH) max80-120kJ / m3 bonded NdFeB made by pressing method and injection method;

In recent years has just developed high-performance hot-pressing NdFeB.

2. High-performance NdFeB industry upstream and downstream industry chain:


Heavy rare earth smelting industry

Light Rare Earth Smelting

Pure iron manufacturing

Energy and power industry

Middle reaches

High performance NdFeB manufacturers


Electronic products (VCM, mobile phones, disk drives)

Inverter air conditioner

Energy efficient elevator

wind power

Traditional car

new energy vehicles

smart robot

High performance NdFeB downstream applications accounted for

Voice coil motor (VCM)

1. What is VCM?

The voice coil motor (VCM) is a special form of direct drive motor that converts electrical energy directly into linear motion machinery for magnet for Mechanical

can. The principle is in a uniform air gap into a cylindrical winding, winding power generated by the electromagnetic force to drive the load for the linear reciprocating motion, change the strength and polarity of the current, you can change the size and direction of electromagnetic force.

VCM has the advantages of high response, high speed, high acceleration, simple structure, small size, good force characteristics and convenient control. VCM is mostly used as a disk head in hard disk drive (HDD), which is an important core component of HDD.

used for:

Hard disk field

Medical care



2. Mechanical hard disk VS solid state hard drive

Mechanical hard disk market space is being squeezed. Global mechanical hard disk shipments in 2015 was 469 million units, down 17% year on year. In recent years, mechanical hard disk shipments steady decline, mainly due to solid-state hard drive in recent years is gradually eroding the market share of mechanical hard drives. But the mechanical hard drive because of its security and low cost advantage, the future for a long period of time is difficult to completely replace the solid-state hard drive.

Contrast Mechanical Hard Disk (HDD) Solid State Drive (SDD)

Working principle rotating disk + head flash particles

Read and write speed 66-133M / s 150-600M / s

Storage size

Long service life is short

Running sound 35db no

Heat generation 32-35 ℃ 28-30 ℃

Data recovery can be recovered by software without software recovery

Price of 350 yuan / T 2,700 yuan / T

VCM industry interpretation

Is expected in the next few years, the overall trend of mechanical hard disk ship continued to show a downward trend. We are on the HDD shipments and their high

Performance neodymium iron boron demand to make predictions. The key assumptions are:

1 Assuming 2016-2018, hard drive shipments of CAGR are -2%;

2 Assume that each hard drive uses high performance NdFeB for 10 grams. The demand for iron and boron for automotive micro-motors in 2016/17/18 was 1,654 / 1,621 / 1,589 tons, respectively, and the average annual compound growth rate was -2%.

VCM is NdFeB high-end applications, the technical threshold is higher, long-term monopoly by the developed countries. Japan is the largest amount of VCM, accounting for about 50% of production.

To master the technology are the following enterprises, accounting for more than half of the global market share:

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