When the magnet encounters the cosmetics industry

- Nov 02, 2017 -

    Speaking magnet words, there will always be many words to say, if it is before, then speaking magnet and cosmetics when the two words, many people will not match their two words together, always give a Kind of violation of the feeling, that is not enough between the two! But in today's society, the magnet mix with the cosmetics together, but became a synonym for high-end! Why is this? There may be a lot of friends do not know, then now come for everyone to decrypt, why would there be such a phenomenon!

                                                magnet 1.png

    First of all, we all know that cosmetics will have packaging boxes, especially when we buy some special high-end cosmetics, there will always be framed exquisite box! Most of these boxes will use the magnet, which will make the way to open more convenient, nor the slightest sense of violation, the surface of the trace, it seems to increase the beauty of the box, for the product really Plus a lot of points, so that the magnet used in the cosmetics box, is indeed a luxury representative, to make the product look more high-end with the official!

     Another point, but also because the box is really installed a little expensive, the cost is higher, generally relatively low-end cosmetics is not a special luxury box, so that can generally be used to the magnet box, can That is more high-end cosmetics! It is precisely because of this, only the magnet encounter cosmetics, become the main reason for high-end pronoun. This is before, certainly a lot of people can not imagine, and now, in this rapid development of science and technology society, is really everything is possible, infinite!

                                                magnet block 1.jpg

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