Which toys will used for the magnet

- Nov 01, 2017 -

The application of toy magnets

   The application of powerful magnets is very wide, for the toy industry is an indispensable part of the magnet, the first you will certainly think of toys above the motor will use the magnet. Motor magnet is only a small part of the following we say that what toy products will be closely related with our magnet.

1, the explosive pill: magnet principle, the card clip the iron, the explosion of a magnet in the bottom (at the bottom), the bottom of the explosion of the magnet hit the iron, vertical and suction, the magnet has pulled parts, Suck the card, it opened the above crushed shell. Magnet with a magnet to attract iron to stretch.

2, magnetic darts: magnet principle, in the dart plate inside affixed to the iron, in the dart head above the magnet. So that darts can be adsorbed on the dart board.

3, magnetic drawing board: Magnet principle: First, the internal use of magnetic whiteboard white plate of oil, in the white mineral oil with iron powder. Magnetic pen, pen tip is bonded by the magnetic column, with a magnet in the iron ore inside the white mineral oil and then use a magnetic pen in the whiteboard above can write a word painting, you want to erase the whiteboard above the word also used to write the magnet , Put a rubber magnetic stripe on the back of the whiteboard, you can put the front of the iron powder to the back.

Behind the list is not listed, the toys used above the magnet is too much, such as magnetic building blocks, decompression pen, Buck ball, Luban ball, Kong Ming lock, and so on, so that toys and magnets inseparable.

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