Why is the electromagnet designed to be normal

- Nov 21, 2017 -

We often use electromagnets, so you know why electromagnets are usually designed to U-shaped it?


Science Magnet

As we all know, the magnet is the most powerful magnetic poles, and electromagnets used in life, always fixed at one end and then attract the other end of the electromagnet is designed to be U-shaped can be fixed "U" at the bottom of the above two The end is the pole so that the maximum magnetic force of the magnet to play When the coil is energized, the core and the armature are magnetized to become two opposite polarity magnets, generating electromagnetic attraction between them. When the suction force is greater than the reaction force of the spring, the armature begins to move in the direction of the core. When the coil current is less than a certain value or interrupt power supply, the electromagnetic force is less than the spring reaction force, the armature will be under the reaction of the return to the original release position. Electromagnet is the use of electromagnetic force generated by the current carrying coil to manipulate the mechanical device to complete the desired action of an appliance. 

It is an electromagnetic component that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Electromagnet mainly by the coil, the core and the armature is composed of three parts, the core and the armature is generally made of soft magnetic material. The core is generally static, the coil is always mounted on the core. Switch electromagnet armature also installed on the spring.

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