Why N pole and S pole can not be separated

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Even if the magnets is split, the N pole and S pole will not separate, but the power will be reduced, N pole and S pole will always be together. Go and look for hidden secrets in N and S poles! N pole and S pole magnet will attract each other, will be mutually exclusive. This is because there is a mutually attractive "attraction" between different-named poles, and there is a mutually exclusive "repulsion" between the two poles of the same name. Prepare a bar magnet with N poles in red and S poles in blue. If you divide the bar magnet in two, it is easy to think that the north and south poles will be separated, but this is not the case. Because every atom that forms a magnet has an N pole and an S pole. There are already N pole and S pole in the magnet atom, so even if the magnet is split small, the poles of the magnet will not be separated.

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