Will the powerful magnets destroy the phone?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Many friends have such a sense of work after playing computer, will not put the phone on the sound. So they think so: the sound of a magnet, and the phone is most likely to be affected by the magnet or even damage; sound of the phone is easy to shake the problem.


Things really like the netizens said so? Professionals say, "The powerful magnets does affect the function of the phone, but it must be quite strong." The phone itself has a magnet that can be used to achieve some subtle functions, such as wireless charging, gravity sensing, compass, etc. Around us often do not have quite strong magneticity. Therefore, the function of the phone for the magnet seems to be less rigorous. Such as mobile phones on the small pieces of magnetic, mobile phone bracket and audio and other magnetic devices are not strong, there is no need to fear them. Otherwise, manufacturers will not make them.


On the magnetic phone bracket will have an impact on the phone, a professional specifically tested.


From the data we can see that the magnetic phone bracket has no effect on the antenna performance.


Warm tips, thunder and lightning in the case of prohibiting the use of mobile phones, when the magnetic field is large enough to cause the use of mobile phone performance, while the phone comes with the magnetic field will be mine. Remember!

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