You need to know little knowledge when you buy square magnet

- Nov 07, 2017 -

    Square magnet in the purchase of the need to know, what is the material and performance of the magnet; What is the size and tolerance; Is it necessary to magnetize, how to charge if the magnetization, axial and radial is how much; Magnet What is the maximum temperature in the working environment, what is the quantity ordered, whether the surface treatment is galvanized or nickel plated, and if there is a special treatment to be done, the seller must be told.

      The size of the square magnet is long * high * wide, are generally used to represent the F letter, the last digit on behalf of its magnetization direction, NS in the largest surface. Customers choose the magnet, it should be in accordance with the temperature of its work environment, to choose the magnet grade for their own use, if the working temperature is higher than the magnet withstand Wenzhou, then the magnet will gradually demagnetization, until finally there is no Magnetic so far, so be sure to choose before buying a good working environment temperature, and for their own use of the magnet grade.

    If the square magnet used in the sealed state, you can choose the surface is not plated or galvanized magnet, this can save a lot of cost, if the magnet will be in a humid environment, especially in salt spray Environment, the best choice of surface galvanized magnet. The purchased magnet should be stored in a dry and constant temperature environment, but also separated by a piece of cardboard or wood. Magnet material hard and brittle, its magnetic field is relatively strong, so be sure to gently, when the magnet and other iron attract or separate when it must be careful not to impact the operation, or can easily lead to collision because Damage the magnet or hurt your finger.

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