One Hundred Twenty Thousand People Queuing To Apply For Beijing New Energy Vehicles Index Audit Results Announced On December 25

- Dec 12, 2017 -

As of December 8, 2017, at 24:00, a total of 2869423 individual passenger car configuration indicators were received and confirmed for deferment. There were 51,036 enterprises and other units applying for 85,157 general passenger car configuration indexes. Total Received a total of 120,376 individual demonstration applications of new energy small bus configuration indicators to apply and confirm the extension of a total of; there are 4325 enterprises and other units to apply demonstration and application of new energy small bus configuration indicators 6540. In accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments will review the application information, the results of the review will be December 25 in Beijing to ease congestion website announcement.

Accordance with the provisions of the personal demonstration through qualification examination application of new energy passenger car index application, according to the order of application time direct configuration indicators. After the indicator quota was exhausted, the applicants waited for the rankings. 2017 second issue of the expired unused personal demonstration application of new energy passenger car index will be configured directly again in this issue.

Individual demonstration application waiting for the configuration of new energy passenger car index application still need to be validated within the validity of the extension, did not apply within the validity period, the system will automatically cancel the application, if the individual who needs to apply again, you must resubmit the application , After the approval of the waiting time by the re-application time to calculate. Units should be configured with new energy indicators in 2017 but not configured. If the unit re-submits applications before February 8, 2018 and is approved, the waiting time will still be calculated based on the 2017 application time.

Public information shows that in 2017, the number of new energy indicators for the first phase of the application is 40,328, the second phase of the new application number is 24,925, the number of line-up is 14,253, the third phase of the new number of applications is 13,501, the number of queues is 27,754, and the fourth The number of newly-added applicants was 17049, with a queue of 44803 people. The number of newly-added applicants in the fifth period was 33,922, with a total of 78,725 people queuing up. The number of newly-added applications in the sixth period was 41651, and the number of people queuing up was 120,376, confirming the delay of the previous period Nearly 40,000 people exploded.

Source: I love tram network

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