2017 (2nd) China International Carbon Materials Conference & Industry Exhibition

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition time: 2017-11-16 to 2017-11-17

Venue: Beijing Jiuhua Villa Resort

Sponsor: Ningbo D & T Business Consulting Co., Ltd

Organize the exhibition hall: Beijing Jiuhua Villa Resort

Introduction to the exhibition

the activities of the background

Carbon, is the basic element of life on Earth, has a large family of carbon materials: from ancient graphite, diamond to newly discovered fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers, graphene and even graphite alkyne. Carbon material as the only two times to obtain the Nobel Prize material (C60, graphene), the basic can cover all applications: aerospace, high-speed railway, marine equipment, oil drilling, rail transportation, electronic appliances, chemical machinery The Carbon material is not only the forefront of material science research, but also the focus of high-performance materials development and application.


China's carbon material industry after 60 years of development, with considerable progress, many key carbon materials to achieve localization and reached the international leading level. However, the overall level of development of carbon materials in China compared with the international advanced level, there is still a certain gap, some high-tech carbon materials have not yet industrialized, advanced carbon material applications are not yet mature. At the same time, China has a wealth of raw materials, good scientific research strength, a vibrant economic environment and a favorable policy environment, the relevant domestic research institutions, enterprises, third-party service agencies combined with the production and research more closely, this series of factors will Speed up the development and innovation of China's carbon materials industry.


2017 (the second) China International Carbon Materials Conference and Industry Exhibition Based on international, focusing on China's "13th Five-Year Plan", "along the way" policy, focusing on carbon material key raw material access problems, technical problems, equipment problems, application problems , Invited the government, scientific research institutions, industry enterprises, equipment manufacturing, third-party service agencies and other experts, scholars and enterprise technical staff, management personnel to participate in the construction industry, academic, research, capital, high-quality exchange platform to discuss the international carbon Materials development of new technologies, new trends and the application of carbon materials bottlenecks to promote the development of China's carbon materials.

the organization


DT polymer online

Support unit (intended)

International Federation of Materials Research Associations

Taiwan Institute of Materials Research

Japan Society for Materials Research

American Kane Energy Research Association

Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Association

International Carbon Black Association

Germany Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Research Promotion

Photon Science Institute, Barcelona, Spain

European Grain Flagship Strategy Committee

China New Material Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

National Academy of Sciences Materials Chemical Branch

Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Ningbo D & T Business Consulting Co., Ltd



the exhibition

1. show features

- Exhibition area of 10,000 square meters

- Exhibits cover the whole industry chain of advanced carbon materials

- Annual Top 100 Enterprise Achievements

- New product conference area

2. Exhibits range

Carbon nanomaterials module

- natural graphite, artificial graphite, expanded graphite, graphite raw materials finishing and equipment

Reduction of large-scale preparation of graphene powder, liquid stripping preparation of graphene nanosheets or graphene, graphene quantum dots, porous graphene, graphene aerogels, single-walled carbon nanotubes, embedded fullerenes

- CVD equipment, nano-grinding equipment (dry and wet grinding, horizontal sand mill, bead mill, three-roll mill), nano-particle mixture, dispersion technology, film manufacturing technology, ion beam laser processor, electron beam Processing, ultra-precision surface processing technology, fusion bonding technology

- Raman, OM, AFM, SEM, XPS, ICP, UV-Vis, TEM, BET, laser thermostat, powder conductance measurement equipment, laser particle size analyzer, electrochemical workstation, fluorescence spectrum, paint performance test.

- research, testing organizations, media associations, industrial bases


Carbon fiber and its composite module

- carbon fiber materials, aramid fiber, polymer polyethylene fiber, renewable biological fiber and other advanced materials;

Raw materials such as unsaturated resin, epoxy resin, vinyl resin, phenol resin, glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, natural fiber, basalt fiber; raw silk, roving, fabric, mat, all kinds of fiber infiltrant, Surface treatment agent, crosslinking agent, release agent

- honeycomb, foam, sandwich technology and process equipment, composite materials, mechanical processing and numerical control equipment, forming mold design, and so on. It is a new type of molding technology and equipment. Processing Technology

- new materials and applications for anticorrosion engineering, construction engineering, automobiles and other vehicles, boats, aerospace, aviation, defense, machinery, electronics, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, sports equipment, daily life

- product quality inspection technology and equipment, production automation control and software, quality control technology, non-destructive testing technology and equipment

- research, testing organizations, media associations, industrial bases


Diamond, carbon-based thin film material module

- diamond powder, fine powder, ultra-fine powder, ultra-fine powder, ultra-pure powder, high-strength powder, broken materials, high-quality broken materials, plastic materials, high-strength plastic materials

Diamond grinding wheel, diamond saw blade, diamond blade, diamond drill bit, diamond electroplating product, diamond tool, cubic boron nitride tool, diamond wire saw

- CVD, PVD, other coating equipment

- raw and auxiliary materials, production equipment category, all kinds of abrasive abrasive testing equipment, equipment

- research, testing organizations, media associations, industrial bases


Traditional carbon material modules (carbon black, graphite, specialty graphite)

- natural graphite flake graphite, high power graphite electrode, special graphite, graphite electrode, graphite anode plate, medium high carbon graphite, high purity graphite, expandable graphite, modified graphite, flexible graphite, lithium ion battery, Graphite, graphite powder, graphite crucible, graphite hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace, graphite heat exchanger, graphite heating element, graphite bearing, graphite powder, graphite electrode prebaked anode, graphite electrode, electric furnace carbon block, blast furnace carbon block, aluminum electrolysis Carbon block, impregnated graphite electrode, ultra-high power graphite electrode, mold heating element, flame retardant graphite material, graphite mold

- graphite electrode, electric charcoal block, aluminum charcoal, anode paste, electrode paste, permanent magnet,confined paste, carbon electrode, side carbon block, carbon products, charcoal rod, by carbon, washed coal, electric calcined coal, Coal, carbon anode, semi-graphitized cathode carbon block, pre-baked anode for electrolysis, semiconductor heating system for high power furnace, carbon fiber, carbon cloth, carbon belt, carbon cord, carbon felt, carbon graphite diamond sintering mold

- Other graphite carbon products and raw materials

- graphite carbon materials manufacturing processing equipment, testing equipment

- research, testing organizations, media associations, industrial bases

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