Add Industrial Vitamins To Make Steel More Strong

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Adding a little bit of rare earth, called "industrial vitamins," to the steelmaking process will make even the finest steel a "tougher" one. Reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metals, adding a certain amount of steel to the rare earth, you can significantly improve the toughness of steel and wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, this rare earth steel pure preparation technology not only significantly improve the quality of steel, but also Will push China's steel industry into the high end of the global value chain.

Metallurgical Institute of Chinese Academy of Materials Processing Simulation team through the physical analysis and calculation of a single heavy one hundred tons ingot, and found that impurities are the main cause of uneven composition, thus proposed a new steel defect formation mechanism, which in the industry Caused a great response and rapid access to applications. Since then, the research team through a large number of laboratory research and engineering tests, and further found that the rare earth alloy and molten steel, "double purification" of the key role in the development of pure commercial rare earth alloy preparation technology and rare earth in steel special addition technology, Thus breaking the technical bottleneck of industrial application of rare earth in steel.

"One ton of steel only need to add about 200 grams of trace rare earth, can play metamorphic inclusions, deep purification of molten steel and strong micro-alloying, significantly improve the toughness of steel and fatigue life, and lanthanum, cerium and other light Rare earth prices lower than nickel, molybdenum, niobium and other precious metals, the basic production process will not increase the cost of steel prices. "Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Li Dianzhong researcher introduced.

Source: China Nonferrous Network

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