Before 2026, Electric Vehicles Or Experienced Significant Innovation Battery Costs Will Drop To 100 US Dollars / Hour

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Mexico's "Financier" reported on December 1, at present, the cost of electric vehicles can not compete with ordinary fuel cars for the market, but this problem or by 2026 to solve. Japan's Toyota Motor Corporation and the United Kingdom Dyson both said they will increase investment in research and development efforts to reduce the electric vehicle power core: lithium-ion battery costs and enhance their battery life. By then, lithium-ion battery costs will drop to 100 US dollars / hour.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance Research, the average cost of producing regular fuel vehicles is currently 28,000 US dollars, or by 2030 or increased to 30,000 US dollars, which means that EVs need to reduce battery costs by 67% in order to maintain market competitiveness.

Source: I love tram network

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