Charging Pile Route Questioned The Future 70% Of The Pile To Be Eliminated

- Dec 13, 2017 -

At present, the new energy automotive industry is undergoing profound changes, from "policy driven" to "policy + market dual drive" transformation. Just need to support the electric car industry - charging pile industry in the rapid development process, but also face many problems.

On December 9, "The Second China EV Summit Forum", as the industry leader, Qingdao Te Ruide Electric Co., Ltd. Chairman Yu Dexiang made a speech at the forum, made a number of suggestions, Is also the industry pain point.

Data show that in the past three years, the sales volume of China's electric vehicles has doubled in successive years and reached 1.06 million in 2016. By 2030, the domestic holdings will reach 80 million, the daily demand for charging and discharging up to 3 billion degrees, will account for 50% of the total residential electricity. According to the current one car, the development of disorderly charging mode, such a huge amount of electricity, cars and power grids will be a huge impact. So in the next three years, 70% of the charging pile will face transformation or even demolition reconstruction! In addition, a large number of charging piles installed outdoors, long-term exposure to exposure, rain and snow and other bad weather, seriously affecting the life of charging pile, and long-term lack of protection of charging equipment failure can be efficient operation and maintenance, will be the challenge will be .


Based on these questions, Yu Xiang made three suggestions.

First, smart "charging nets" must be built for the next 10 years instead of simply charging piles.

As mentioned above, the unordered and unidirectional charging modes not only place high demands on the grid load, but also pose a very high security risk. Under the national green energy strategy, in view of the instability of solar and wind power generation, we must establish two-way flow of charge and discharge network, peak load shifting and valley interaction, interact with the power grid, and bring night-time wind power to daytime use. Of the solar energy to the peak use of electricity, which is enough to see the "network" of importance. If you do not plan ahead, will certainly face the massive reconstruction of charging equipment, resulting in a lot of waste of resources!

Second, industrial-grade charging piles must be built.

In order to adapt to the complex and ever-changing outdoor environment, it is necessary to build a charging pile that can adapt to harsh conditions such as outdoor rain, snow, dust, low temperature and the like. Terrestrial specializes in the parent company Telegraph Group is the leader in outdoor power equipment, with more than 10 years of outdoor power equipment research and development, manufacturing experience. Special calls are also willing to share their technology and products open source. In 2016, the special patent for charging incoming telephones has been open to the industry for free, and hopefully everyone can join hands to do the charging post in the future.

Third, we must build a modular charging pile.

Single-pile products for technical upgrading, it must be removed, the recall is as difficult as the "demolition of building reconstruction"; the same time, the future charging station is facing a large number of operation and maintenance work, 100 million charging pile, 1.6 million people Operation and maintenance team, the high cost, abnormal chaos. Therefore, we must create a modular charging pile, while establishing an intelligent operation and maintenance system, cloud platform monitoring, by the property, logistics personnel to complete the module replacement, big data analysis and maintenance. The specially developed drawer-type modular charging station and big data cloud platform developed by Caterers have provided excellent solutions in this respect, greatly improving the operation and maintenance efficiency.

In these solutions to the problem, it reflects the tremendous strength of special technology research and development, as well as advanced awareness and vision. Special phone parent company Te Ruide Group was established more than 10 years, always put the user needs first, focus on technology research and development. At present, there are ten special R & D centers, over one thousand technical patents and over one thousand R & D personnel. In the country, 84 joint ventures have been set up, 238 charging cities have been completed and 190,000 charged terminals have been built. By the end of last month, the total power supply has exceeded 500 million degrees and the domestic market share of charging posts has exceeded 40%.

In the face of tremendous opportunities and challenges in the future of the industry, Telegraph is working with industry peers to create a healthy and smooth industrial ecosystem and open up a bright future for the new energy automotive industry!

Source: China Battery Network

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