China's First National Standard For Rare Earth Denitrification Catalyst Approved May 1 Next Year

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Recently, Shandong Tiancan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. as the first drafting unit presided over the preparation of the national standard "rare earth selective catalytic reduction (SCR) denitrification catalyst" by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, National Standardization Management Committee approved the official release May 1, 2018 come into operation, which is China's first national standard catalyst for rare earth denitrification.

Shandong Tian Can Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in the National Natural Science Foundation of China, "863 Program" special, the national "second five" science and technology support program, the central special investment and special funds for independent innovation in Shandong Province, with the support of our own knowledge Property of rare earth denitrification catalyst. The product takes the rare earth oxide as an active component and solves the problem that the existing vanadium-titanium catalyst produces secondary pollution to the environment, does not need to be endangered, and can be recycled for the second time to realize resource recycling. Compared with the existing vanadium-titanium catalyst, under the premise of ensuring the activity of the catalyst, the mechanical strength and the thermal stability of the catalyst carrier are increased, and the service life of the catalyst is longer, which can completely replace the traditional vanadium-titanium denitration catalyst product and can be used for Denitration of flue gas from coal-fired power plants and denitration of flue gas at non-power industry.

The "China Environmental Protection Tax Law" scheduled to be implemented on January 1, 2018 imposes an environmental protection tax of 1,000 yuan per ton of hazardous waste, and the environmental protection tax per ton of rare earth denitrification catalyst after abandonment is only 25 yuan. Do not belong to the disposal of hazardous waste, a very low amount of tax, a substantial reduction in user costs. Experts in the scientific and technological achievements appraisal unanimously identified that the product "to fill the gap at home and abroad flue gas non-toxic denitrification catalyst technology, technical performance has reached the international advanced level." Now has applied for 30 patents, authorized 19, applied for 2 international patents, completely broke the core technology of China's denitrification catalyst long-term dependence on foreign technology, has important strategic significance.

"Rare Earth Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Denitration Catalyst" standard for rare earth honeycomb flue gas denitrification catalyst is defined as "the rare earth oxide as the active ingredient, the overall extrusion, the end surface of the honeycomb, the roasted Denitration catalyst. " The rare earth oxide denitrification catalyst rare earth oxide mass proportion up to 10%, the development of rare earth flue gas denitration catalyst in line with the State Council "on promoting the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry, a number of opinions." Rare earth-based flue gas denitrification catalyst is a new environmental protection technology supported by the State Council in the "Twelfth Five-year" national strategic emerging industry development plan ". In 2014, it was named" Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Catalog for National Encouragement and Development ". In 2016, the Catalog of Substitutes of Toxic and Hazardous Materials (Products) Prompted by the State, compiled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the MEP, encourages the use of rare earth type denitration catalysts instead of vanadium-based denitrification catalysts. In all sectors of flue gas treatment. The release of the national standard "Rare Earth Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) denitration catalyst" will provide a powerful impetus for product optimization and promotion of rare earth denitrification catalysts. The development of rare earth flue gas denitration catalysts will also become a large scale Promote the abundance of high-abundance of rare earth, high-value use of the way.

Source: China Nonferrous Network

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