China's Rare Earth Steel Purification Technology In The Advent Of Shenyang Help Produce World-class Steel

- Dec 07, 2017 -

People often use "steel bar" to describe their health, but steel also has its own weakness - cold, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and so on will cause damage to the steel. December 1, China's rare earth steel purification technology in Shenyang came out, this technology seems to eat steel, "calcium", will help our country to produce world-class steel.

Technical bottleneck difficult to break

Rare earth, known as "industrial vitamins," has become recognized as an important strategic resource. Adding rare earths to steel can make even better quality steel "stronger." From the 80s of last century, China has set off the R & D and application of rare earth steel climax.

But like a novice chef cooking is not the same, in the end how much seasoning, when put just right? For a long time, researchers have not worked out a set of scientific rare earth addition methods, resulting in unstable properties of rare earth steel; in the production process, but also easy to plug the gate.

At present, in addition to a small amount of steel in China, the iron and steel enterprises almost abandoned the application of rare earth in actual production.

Although rare earth steels are not stable in quality, high quality rare earth steels are still being used in many important production areas such as railroad heavy rail, shipbuilding, bridge construction, and military and aerospace applications.

Anatomical three-storey steel ingot

Under the leadership of researcher Li Yiyi and researcher Li Dianzhong, the material processing simulation research team of Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences has studied for more than ten years to solve the problem of rare earth joining steel.

To validate the laboratory's calculations, the researchers commissioned the mills to cast a steel ingot of up to three floors and weighing one hundred tons. After industrial cutting the ingot, the researchers also plotted a detailed "anatomical map."

How to eliminate impurities has become a new research topic. In-depth study of steel companies in the field, a lot of laboratory research and engineering tests, found that rare earth alloys and molten steel need to be "purified", so as to minimize the generation of impurities. R & D personnel developed a rare earth alloy purification technology and rare earth in steel special addition technology, and finally overcome the technical problems of adding rare earth in steel.

Low cost to solve big problems

"Everyone knows that rare earths are expensive, but just like a drop of ink dripped in a pot of clear water, a ton of steel just needs to add about 200 grams of trace rare earth, can play a role in enhancing the quality of steel in the production process basic Will not increase the cost of iron and steel enterprises. "Li Dianzhong researcher introduced.

At present, rare earth steel has been widely used in railway heavy rail, ocean board, large bridges, container board and other production, the rare earth steel production technology has been more than 10 domestic steel products more than 30 varieties of products have been applied, mass production 7 More than 10,000 tons, quality and stability. With the deepening of research, China's steel industry will be promoted to the high end of the global value chain.

Source: China Nonferrous Network

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