Chinese Academy Of Sciences Institute Of Metal Clever Use Of Rare Earth Steel Problems

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Shenyang, November 30 (Jiangshan) Steelmaking process by adding a little "calcium" can make the original high-quality steel to become more "strong." On the 30th, reporters learned from the Institute of Metal Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences that adding a certain amount of rare earth to the steel can substantially increase the toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of steel under the premise of basically not increasing the production cost of steel. Pure rare earth steel purification technology not only significantly enhance the quality of steel, will also promote China's steel industry into the global high-end value chain.

Rare earth steel, tough world peerless. Rare earth is called "industrial vitamins", rare earth steel is a steel containing a certain amount of rare earth, but its application in steel is also an unresolved topic in the steel industry. 80s of last century, China has set off the R & D and application of rare earth steel climax, but after the addition of rare earth steel, steel performance becomes good and bad time, in the mass production process is also very easy to plug the gate, although after years Research has yet to break through the technical bottleneck, which also led to rare earths in the steel industry by the heat chilling. At present, except for a small amount of steel, the iron and steel enterprises almost abandoned the application of rare earth in actual production.

Metallurgical Institute of Chinese Academy of materials processing simulation research team under the guidance of the academician Li Yiyi, Li Dianzhong, through the physical analysis and calculation of a single hundred-ton ingot, found that impurities are the main cause of uneven composition, accordingly proposed New steel defects in the formation mechanism, which caused great repercussions in the industry and rapid access to applications. Since then, the research team conducted in-depth investigations into steel enterprises. Through a great deal of laboratory research and engineering tests, the research team further found out the key role of "double purification" of rare earth alloys and molten steel, developed the pure preparation technology of commercial rare earth alloys, In particular to join the technology, which broke through the industrial application of rare earth in the steel bottleneck in technology to achieve the addition of rare earth steel in the process after the line and stable performance.

"Just drop a drop of ink into a pot of water, just add about 200 grams of rare earth per ton of steel, refine metamorphic inclusions can be played, deep purification of molten steel and strong micro-alloying, significantly enhance the toughness of the steel and Fatigue life, the steel is more tough, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and lanthanum, cerium and other light rare earth prices lower than nickel, molybdenum, niobium and other precious metals in the production process will not increase the cost of steel prices. After the addition of rare earth into the bearing steel, the number of large-size inclusions affecting the fatigue life decreased by 50% More than 30%.

At present, Baotou Iron and Steel Group to use this pure preparation technology, has created thousands of tons of rare earth steel even record, the process smooth, which is rare earth steel in China's large-scale industrial applications landmark. In addition, Ansai Iron and Steel Group, Bengang Group, Xining Special Steel, Xiwang Special Steel, Hubei Metallurgical and other more than 10 large steel companies have been using the technology in more than 30 varieties of steel in more than 70,000 tons of mass production test.

Source: Baichuan information

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