Concentration Of New Forces Making Cars Eve: Who Can Occupy The Profit-making High Ground?

- Dec 11, 2017 -

The new forces make repairs need to figure out an account: the cost is not completely flat with traditional cars, infrastructure construction did not reach the level of the traditional car, how much financial resources can support you have been deficit to be able to be flat time.

The new forces are making cars usher in the mass production of vehicles listed on the outbreak.

Towards the end of 2017, leaving the market for new forces and car companies have less than a month's time to market. From the current point of view, the cloud degrees cars, electric cars and other business products have been listed, Wei to the first production car ES8 will be December 16 listing.

Not only that, a number of singular cars, Wima cars and other products will be completed next year, and some companies will also gradually obtain new energy vehicles production qualification.

It is understood that since March last year, the National Development and Reform Commission to start approval of production of new energy vehicles since the start of May this year, 15 companies have access to the qualification, and since then stagnant qualification approval will be re-raised the threshold after the restart.

In fact, from a fundamental point of view, the new forces made car products, early and late landing time is not much problem, the key is whether the product can be recognized by the market, whether marketable.

With a group of new forces car manufacturers the first batch of production cars listed, in the end whether consumers pay, the market will soon monitor, if not welcome, pouring cold water, many people will know difficult to get out. "So from next year, the new forces make cars tend to be rational, but with the funds can not support the next one or two will appear mergers and acquisitions, reorganization." December 1, Jiangsu Suzuki Chairman Wang Xiaolin In an interview with 21st Century Business Herald, said.

"From the point of view of the development of the entire electric car market, if no capital and new car manufacturers enter the automobile industry, they will not be able to promote the development of new energy vehicles, but not every one will succeed." On November 29, the director of electric car Zhang Hailiang, CEO and CEO, said in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald.

Admittedly, the repatriation of new forces in China should draw lessons from Tesla. In Musk's own words, Tesla is experiencing a "hell-like production phase," and Model 3, which lacks large orders, is unable to deliver volume. To Tesla's financing ability and more than 50 billion market capitalization, the problem can not be solved, China's Internet car really can solve it?

Tesla's case shows that at present, the EV industry is subject to the battery itself upstream, the downstream is subject to infrastructure, resulting in consumer experience is greatly limited, at this time the product itself, its promotion will be affected "Wang Xiaolin said.


The new forces making window period is still

Today's automotive industry is in the eve of "change", under the influence of Internet technology, many Internet companies, parts companies and VC funds have poured into the automotive industry, set off a wave of repairer craze in the field of new energy sources, so that new energy vehicles The pace of development goes far beyond market demand.

On November 23, at Bosch held a summit on technology exchanges for new car manufacturing in China, Xu Daquan, Executive Vice President of Bosch China Investment Co., Ltd., said that at present, China's newly-built car repairing enterprises have exceeded 60 and are based on the original Doubled

It is reported that the state level is also making macro adjustments and controls on new car manufacturing enterprises so as to ensure that such enterprises can have market competitiveness. Considering the current development of the country's future new energy vehicles, next year is expected to restart the qualification approval has been suspended for a period of time, but the audit standards will increase.

In this regard, electric coffee car director, chief technology officer Niu Shengfu said: "Electric coffee products are applying for new qualification requirements in the country from the specific progress of view, the first electric coffee will be completed by the end of December trial of all vehicles, next year 3 At the end of the month, the state-commissioned testing institute is completed, and at present, the state has some new requirements on vehicle performance and intelligent networking, mainly examining whether a company has positive research and development capabilities.

It is undeniable that the window of new forces making cars is still there. "We are at the inflection point of a real revolution in the automotive industry and I think there will be a large number of production cars to meet individualized needs due to intelligent driving. Silin is to use the intelligent production system to mass production To meet the individual needs of consumers, this is our chance. "Wang Xiaolin said.

To be exact, Jiangsu Silin is not a purely new carmaker because it has the advantages of a traditional car repairer and is not limited to the production of pure electric vehicles. Wang Xiaolin, a lawyer from Wall Street, acquired USS Lin International Automobile Co., Ltd., established in 1983. Prior to the acquisition of Sai Lin, Wang Xiaolin in the field of pure electric vehicles in the United States has been plowing for ten years.

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