Dealers Are Under-prepared Or Become An Obstacle To Growth In Sales Of Electric Vehicles

- Dec 01, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, recently, a new research report pointed out that in the next few years, with the tide of electrification in the automotive industry, some car dealers and dealers seem to be a bit "unprepared."

The first release of the Ipsos RDA Electric Vehicle Sales Experience and Best Practice Study examined consumers' experiences with the 11 major car brands including BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Tesla, Volkswagen.

The nation's largest car dealer AutoNation is also in this study, mainly to study the dealer organization independent of the dealer in the treatment of electric car customers will be different. However, the study found that there is no essential difference between the dealer organization and the car company in treating customers.

Todd Markusic, Vice Chairman of Ipsos RDA Research Institute, said in his speech: "The lack of coherence in the EV purchase experience, even under the same brand name, shows the importance of better understanding product knowledge and thus better Promote the promotion of electric vehicles in the field of the market. "The study also found that the issue of the number of electric vehicles is also why consumers compromise the purchase of traditional cars during shopping.

In the display of electric vehicles, some brands also appear lack of consistency. Knowing different product knowledge, inventory of EVs hinders sales growth, which also leads dealers to prefer non-EVs that they are better at selling.

Mike VanNieuwkuyk, senior vice president of Ipsos RDA, the researchers found that the differences in sales factors also limited the comparison of data among franchisees, which led to the research sample being too small for a single brand to achieve impressive results.

Van Nieuwkuyk said that Tesla does not have a franchise, but mastered the product knowledge is in the first place, in part because it may be specialized in selling electric vehicles, but it is also possible that it is done to maintain consistency it is good.

Source: China Battery Network

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