Efforts To Build Lithium Asia 2017 Yichun Lithium New Energy Industry Output Or Broken 260 Million

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, rich in lithium resources, accounting for one-fifth of the total reserves of available lithium oxide. Relying on the unique advantages of lithium resources, Yichun lithium new energy industry as the city's storm industry's first strong industrial advance, to create "lithium in Asia." It is reported that in 2017 Yichun City lithium new energy industry output is expected to exceed 26 billion yuan.

At present, Yichun City has 34 lithium-scale enterprises above designated size, 13 tax revenue over 13 million yuan, 1 enterprises over 100 million yuan; foster the Far East Foster, Jiang motor, Zichen Technology, Li together Lithium Industry And a number of enterprises in the country with a strong influence. Lithium ore raw materials from the selection of battery-grade lithium carbonate, battery materials, and then to lithium-ion battery and lithium battery applications, Yichun City has basically formed a relatively complete lithium new energy industry chain.

The driving force for innovation and the environment are the keys to determining whether the industry can eventually occupy the commanding height. In recent years, Yichun actively builds a platform to attract talents extensively and strongly supports the lithium new energy enterprises to develop new technologies and new products, and guide enterprises to strengthen cooperation with central enterprises, universities and research institutes and carry out common technology research.

Yichun City and Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, White State University and a number of domestic and foreign universities, research institutes to maintain close contact to establish a lithium energy industry expert library. Today, Yichun lithium new energy industry has a national engineering research center, a provincial engineering technology research center 6, 2 provincial science and technology innovation team, 3 provincial-level enterprise technology center, municipal engineering technology research center 15 , 14 national high-tech enterprises.

Yichun City proposed that by the end of 2020, lithium main business of new energy industry revenue reached 100 billion yuan, the central city into a new material in western Jiangxi Province, new energy and other advanced manufacturing base.

Source: China Battery Network

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