German Media Attention China Voted About Hundred Billion Yuan To Develop The Number Of Charging Pile Has Far Exceeded Europe And The United States

- Dec 12, 2017 -

German media said that by 2020, China will add 4.8 million electric vehicle charging pile. The Chinese government again emphasized this goal last month.

According to the German magazine "Manager's" website reported on December 4, this is a major commitment made by the Chinese government to domestic electric car drivers, and its cost is not low.

According to "Financial Times" estimates, so that every electric vehicle on the streets of China will have charging piles available. By 2020, 5 million new-energy vehicles (that is, pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles) will be traveling in China.

Analysts expect that the state-planned expansion of charging networks will require about 124 billion yuan of investment. Most of the money may come from the Chinese government itself.

Reported that at present there are about 190,000 charging piles in China - most of each charging piles have multiple interfaces. So the world's largest car market today already has the largest public electric vehicle charging equipment. The United States Department of Energy data show that the United States currently has 16,600 public charging pile. An overview of the "European Alternative Fuel Lookout Observatory" states that there are 118,100 charging devices currently in use in the EU.

Reported that, although the number of Chinese electric cars in recent months markedly increased, in October alone sold 66,000 new energy vehicles, the number of year-on-year reached 40.5 million units, but it has not yet reached the new card More than 2% of vehicles.

In the meantime, the Chinese government is very generous in subsidizing electric cars: up to 8,000 euros can be subsidized for these vehicles, and subsidies will be reduced in the coming years. In addition, EVs can be readily licensed in a number of large cities, while regular cars are subject to strict restrictions.

However, even in a big city like Shanghai, charging facilities are clearly inadequate. Consultants say few chargers like hybrids charge their charging piles because they find it difficult to find charging piles outside their private garage. Huge national investment may completely change the situation.

Reported that the lack of charging facilities in Europe and Germany is also why many potential buyers finally deterred (except for electric vehicles driving low and high prices). The existing charging pile in Germany is relatively unevenly distributed. Especially in rural areas, there are few charging posts in middle and small cities. The data show that some major cities in charge of public charging pile is actually a lot.

Reported that Europeans also hope that the government for the construction of more intensive charging network invested. But the plan here is far less concrete than the Chinese. EU member Miguel Arias Cañete, who is in charge of the climate issue, plans to invest 80 million euros to promote a European network of charging stations, but the money is part of a plan to promote environmentally friendly cars by 2030 - And it is relatively small compared to China's development plan.

German Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to spend 30 million euros by 2020 to promote private investors, local and municipal government to install charging piles, of which two-thirds of the funds will be used for 5000 fast charging station construction, the rest will be used Build 10,000 normal charging stations.

However, these measures of promotion appear to be small compared to China's development and renewal of charging piles (and their speed of implementation being as fast as making decisions).

Source: China Battery Network

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