High - End Bonded NdFeB Magnets Market Overview

- Oct 27, 2017 -

High - end bonded NdFeB magnets market overview


      Bonded NdFeB magnets, including: hard disk drive spindle motor magnet, automotive micro-motor magnet, optical drive spindle motor magnet, stepper motor magnet and various types of permanent magnet brushless DC motor rotor components such as magnet parts.

Hard disk drive with bonded NdFeB magnets because of its manufacturing technology requirements are high, difficult, high customer certification requirements, as of the end of the reporting period, the global hard drive magnet bulk production enterprises are still only three: Shanghai Tricyclic Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Epson Magnetic Devices Co., Ltd.), Japan Datong Electronics and Galaxy Magnets.

Automotive bonded NdFeB magnets manufacturing technology is more difficult, quality management and customer certification requirements are extremely strict, so enter the higher threshold, is bonded NdFeB magnets high-end application market. Jiangmen Magsource New Meterial Co., Ltd cooperates with automotive-specific motor manufacturers to continuously develop and develop the market space of automotive magnets to rapidly promote new product development and production process, and has strong competition in the field of automotive bonded magnets force.

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