Japan And South Korea Hegemony Will Continue In 2018 Power Battery Companies Will Enter The Knockout?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

"In 2018, the competition among leading companies will be even more fierce." On November 23, at the 5th China (Guangdong-Shantou) International Forum on Lithium-ion New Energy Industry, the lithium battery "Davos" group At the forum, Secretary-General of the Committee and Secretary-General of New Battery Innovation Alliance of Zhongguancun said at the forum that the role of market mechanism in the development of new energy vehicles, energy storage and other industries will also become increasingly apparent.


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In recent years, new energy has become an important flow of capital, China's lithium new energy industry market growth and development opportunities are considered to be the highest in the world.

Under the drive of "Market and Policy", the implementation of double-credit policy, the banned sale of fuel trucks, the continuous improvement of charging piles and infrastructure of power resources, the improvement of energy density of power batteries and the reduction of costs, the storage of energy Industry usher in growth ...... In this context, Yu Ching teach that the battery industry chain market competitiveness will be greatly enhanced.

Yujing expects: In the segment, rising prices of raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, aluminum foil and copper foil will aggravate the scramble for resources; while cathode materials are diversified toward high nickel, they will also face greater costs Pressure; the long-term oligopoly competition in the anode material market, the price war competition situation or will continue; and battery material technology program changes, will continue to lead to slowing the growth of electrolyte sales; diaphragm industry is still facing a serious situation of low-end overcapacity, Dry membrane prices dropped significantly, wet membrane capacity release is still relatively slow; BMS industry reshuffle speed will be further accelerated, third-party BMS and battery PACK business living space will continue to be challenged; equipment companies are also urgent to get out of the market size is small, Equipment performance is unstable, the long recovery cycle and other difficulties. In the downstream of new energy vehicles, energy storage market, with the big reversal of the joint venture policy, its own brand will face the test of life and death.


Leading enterprises increased competition

As a high-end subdivision manufacturing industry with long-term rapid growth of industrial added value, MIIT attaches great importance to intelligent battery manufacturing. On October 16, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of 2017 pilot projects of smart manufacturing pilot projects. Among them, the northern Aoti, Fu Energy Technology, Miaosheng Power, YWF Lithium Energy, Yinlong New Energy, BAK Battery and Qinghai Era New Energy And other 7 lithium battery industry chain enterprises of new energy automotive power battery, lithium titanate battery digital workshop, lithium titanate materials, such as smart manufacturing pilot project demonstration shortlisted.

As the consumer market to high-performance, high-quality, cost-effective battery to enhance the demand for improving the smart battery manufacturing power battery become a key task for the development of battery.

At the meeting, the leading enterprises of new energy car battery plates have made the corresponding report.

Japan and South Korea hegemony will continue to shuffle the beginning

Throughout the current pattern of lithium battery industry, China, Japan and South Korea three hegemony in the situation for a long period of time will continue. With the rise of the new energy automotive industry and the market, the lithium battery industry has entered a new era of power battery consumption and personal consumption. There are two obvious changes in the market structure of lithium battery industry in China in 2017: First, investment expansion, mergers and acquisitions boom , Intensified competition among leading enterprises; second, the field of power batteries, lithium-ion battery market applications greatly increased.

Based on the announcements of listed companies and public reports, China Battery Network made a statistics of 123 projects of 143 investment projects including statistics on expansion and mergers and acquisitions of lithium batteries and their upstream materials from the beginning of 2016 to the first half of 2017 The total amount of investment was 230.7 billion yuan. Of the 63 reorganization projects, 60 of which were announced, the total transaction amount reached 130.6 billion yuan.

In this context, the leading power battery enterprises to accelerate expansion, increased competition, "strong constant strong" has become increasingly prominent.

In the 5th Lithium "Davos" participating companies: Ningde era IPO market has been launched, and SAIC, Dongfeng, Changan and other car prices Baotuan development, half a year of valuation soared over one hundred billion yuan; market value of over one hundred billion industry Leading enterprises - BYD also began to adjust the strategy, to be dismantled the battery plate, the market of its business, and accelerate the layout of the international market, the United States sole proprietorship to build the largest US electric bus factory; power battery in the few state-owned enterprises Lishen Battery Also in 2017 set a "double 10 billion" goal - over 10 billion in production, sales of over 10 billion, especially on November 14, Qin Xing was promoted to the party secretary and chairman of the company will open the market efficiency of the decision-making and implementation; than Grams of batteries also announced in early November, will invest 14.3 billion yuan in Jining Economic Development Zone, Shandong BAK industrial park ... ...

Lithium "Davos" Academic Secretary Mo Ke said that in the first 10 months of this year, the total installed capacity of lithium batteries 18.1GWh, an increase of 31.43%, a total of 76 battery manufacturers to form an effective installed supply, more than the previous 9 months 3, is expected to number about 80 throughout the year. "Last year was 109, which means that about 30 battery factories may be closed down this year, and the industry reshuffle has been fully launched."

In addition, this year's ternary lithium battery power battery applications in the field has become the mainstream. Ningde era, BYD, Guoxuan Tech and other large lithium iron phosphate battery companies have begun to increase production capacity of lithium batteries. BYD said publicly that all PHEV passenger cars currently used in the company have used ternary batteries. In the future, the company plans to gradually use ternary batteries in the field of passenger cars, including PHEV and EV models. Mooke said that from the various types of battery situation, the first 10 months 18.1GWh lithium total installed capacity, ternary / manganese batteries accounted for 55.9% of 9.96GWh, compared with 54.49% of the previous 9 months, There is a certain increase, of which less than 0.9GWh lithium manganese oxide batteries. Lithium iron phosphate battery accounted for 43.51% of 7.88GWh, compared with 44.27% in the first 9 months, which showed a slight decline.

In the era of new consumer market, lithium new energy industry will usher in a new round of deep reshuffle. What is going to save?

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