Japan Developed A Fireproof Explosion-proof Lithium Battery High Temperature Environment Is Not Easy To Explode

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Japanese researchers recently developed a safer lithium-ion battery electrolyte, even in high temperature and other environments are not easy to burn or explode.

Lithium batteries are widely used in electric vehicles or cell phones and other electronic devices, but the traditional lithium-ion batteries are extremely flammable organic electrolyte, security risks serious.

Researchers from institutions such as Tokyo University said in a new issue of the British journal Nature & Energy that they developed a high-concentration electrolyte containing the flame retardant trimethyl phosphate. This electrolyte is not flammable, and can achieve high stability charge and discharge more than 1,000 times or more than one year, the service life of comparable or even more than the traditional lithium-ion battery.

The research team pointed out that this electrolyte can make lithium-ion battery operating voltage increased from the current 3.7 volts to 4.6 volts, will be suitable for electric vehicles and other high-energy density, high safety battery requirements, the research team and the companies Promote research.

Source: I love tram network

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