Large Speaker Magnets Mounted To Create The Ear God Gemini Invincible Low Frequency

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Large speaker magnets mounted to create the ear god Gemini invincible low frequency


Although the desktop small speakers have a small shape, but many people because of its stature and its sound quality doubt. The traditional concept, generally as a home computer essential 2.1 speakers, stature to give a "thick" feeling. In fact, the speaker sound quality, not the size of the size, but the speaker's internal design. The reason why a small speaker gives a sense of sound on the thin, not only the size of the gap caused by the main or because a lot of small speaker manufacturers, no intention to design small speakers, the use of lower cost sound unit caused.




Of course, dare to speak in the small speaker industry voice slogan conscience business, there are still many. These brands launched the desktop small speakers, may be able to small speakers in the field of the overall sound quality upgrade up. Recently, the ear of the sound of a sound called the ear god Gemini-ER158 speakers, focusing on "create the most low-frequency wireless desktop companion." Main low-frequency ear god Gemini ER-ER158, in the internal design of what is the characteristics?




The principle of the sound of the dynamic ring around the success or failure of the magnet


Speaking of low-frequency speakers, first of all have to speak from the speaker's voice principle. Currently on the market common horn, is that we are familiar with the moving coil speakers. The biggest feature of the moving coil is the integration of a speaker magnets in the generating unit. When the audio signal through the coil when the coil becomes a magnetically changing electromagnet, it and the speaker magnets to attract and repel each other, the coil is attached to the tympanic membrane, it drives the tympanic membrane vibration, causing the surrounding air vibration, change Into the sound into the ears.




For moving coil speakers, the coil, magnet, diaphragm with each other, only the sound of the reduction. Of course, due to the different audio in the air propagation speed is different, the bass required amplitude and energy larger, so the need for larger area of the cone, and promote a large area of the corresponding need for larger cone and magnetic field. Correspondingly, a stronger magnetic field requires more magnetically magnets.


Strong magnetic field has high power Gemini to create the ultimate low frequency


Ordinary desktop small speakers, generally subject to the cost of the factors, often use smaller specifications of the moving speakers, and this speaker because the magnetic field is weak, so the performance of the low frequency range, often seem powerless. In fact, as long as the speaker can provide a stronger magnetic field, then the low-frequency part of the performance will naturally upgrade a grade. Ear god Gemini-ER158 main is the strongest low frequency. In fact, in the choice of speakers, ear god Gemini-ER158 with a large volume of high-performance magnets. This magnets are larger than the conventional loudspeakers used to provide a more powerful magnetic field, making the loudspeaker more efficient, making the bass more powerful.




Gemini large magnets cost performance perfect balance


Generally popular that the greater the magnets of magnetic magnetism stronger, in fact, not all. Because all kinds of magnets are different, magnetic is also different, so not the greater the magnets of the speaker magnets must have a stronger magnetic. So, ear gods double star-ER158 why not choose both light, magnetic and strong enough of the magnet? Cost is a factor on the one hand, but on the other hand, because the ear god Gemini-ER158 is a small desktop speakers, if the use of smaller magnets, may cause the product resonance, will seriously damage the sound quality. And now it uses this magnet, not only can provide a stronger magnetic, but also try to avoid the sound and the resonance of the box, as far as possible to ensure the output of pure sound quality. Therefore, the use of large volumes of magnets can also be said that the ear in the sound quality and cost to achieve the balance. So, to ensure that the low frequency of the ears of the Gemini-ER158, also worthy of the "strongest low-frequency wireless desktop companion".

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