New Energy Vehicles To Support The Survival Of The Fittest Downhill Industry Accelerated

- Dec 07, 2017 -

At the end of the year, the impact of sales volume of auto makers at the end of the task, the news about the subsidies for new energy vehicles, but blowing like winds blowing from the car companies around, can not help but let it shudder. Sources pointed out that 2018 subsidies for new energy vehicles will be withdrawn ahead of schedule and made major adjustments, or even a gradual decline may reach 40% at a loss, whether the subsidy "across the board" is still unknown, but the accelerated withdrawal Slope is indeed likely to be a sign of the advent of the era of subsidies for new energy vehicles.

In recent years, China's new energy vehicles in both production and sales, have gone very fast. According to the data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to October this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached respectively 51.7 million and 490,000 units, up by 40% over the same period of last year. Although the market as a whole is good, and the new energy vehicles have basically completed the initial education on the market, it is undeniable that the vehicle manufacturers have grants subsidies, consumers can benefit from it is the new energy vehicles to maintain rapid growth Important driving force.

Individual purchase from the highest electric car 120,000 yuan subsidy to the maximum subsidy of 110,000 yuan in 2016, then the maximum subsidy in 2017 dropped to "only" 66,000 yuan, the beginning of 2017 new energy car sales fell to freezing point is still people still remember The new and retreat each time will cause the market a fuss, the focus of subsidies even more than the car itself. Subsidy is a hotbed of new energy vehicles manufacturers, but also attract consumers to buy new energy vehicles an important reason, if the subsidies dropped sharply, how the new energy vehicles market parry.

At present, the new energy production and marketing has two characteristics, one is to enter the market are mostly the level of 100,000 AO level, and even mini-cars, traffic resources in the first-tier cities and timeshare rental market is more common, and second, life Long mileage, good condition in the high-end new energy vehicles, often higher than the same level with a lot of fuel vehicles, without subsidies, the price of your side. To this end, after the subsidy downhill, there is no doubt that enterprises will "pressure" to create more excellent product performance, mileage and cheaper prices more mainstream new energy vehicles, companies have to use technology upgrades and economies of scale Reduce costs and seek survival and development, establish the emergence of dominant enterprises.

According to the research report of CITIC Securities, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2017 is about 690,000 vehicles. However, with the increasing proportion of passenger vehicles and the heavy volume of pure electric vehicles market, the sales volume of new energy vehicles will reach 2.01m by 2020 Vehicles, with the national "long-term development plan for the automotive industry" 2020 production and marketing of 200 million vehicles basically the same goal. In other words, in the next two or three years of future subsidies, the conjecture on market space can remain optimistic. The strong demand still provides the opportunity for all car makers to speed up and overtake new energy vehicles. Huge market space, so that developers are not without a chance, as long as the fight in the real product age can show strength.

More detailed rules for the introduction of back-off, subsidy policy how to be targeted to adjust, are car prices can not be avoided, from a market point of view, both want to take the country's huge subsidies, but also want market share, but also long-term Rangli consumers , To buy new energy vehicles at a price much lower than the cost. In the long run, such a "package of fish and bear's paw" could not have achieved both. Subsidy desection and implementation of the "double integration" Capacity to issue a warning, so that the production and marketing of new energy vehicles really return to market regulation and control, will eventually be the only way.

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