New Energy Vehicles Upwind

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Semi-annual report of listed companies to enter the intensive disclosure period, from the current performance notice has been released to listed companies, nearly 60% of the performance of pre-listed companies. The performance change of listed companies reflects the new trends and new trends in the current changes in our economic development mode and structural transformation.

Automotive plate is undoubtedly one of the forecasted plate plate. According to statistics, a total of 117 categories of automobile companies are listed in a list of 28 industries. As of July 20, 70 companies in this sector have announced their interim results, of which 49 are pre-hi and 21 are reported as worries, accounting for The proportion of plates were 41.88% and 17.94% respectively.

Pre-listed in the performance of pre-hi companies, the highest net profit margin of increase is the Century Huatong reach 140% to 180%, followed by Ankai Bus, an increase of more than 133%. There are 7 car listed companies net profit of over a hundred million yuan, respectively, the two Lin shares, Nyingchi, Hippocampus, Changan Automobile, BYD, Century Huatong and Jing Wei shares, of which Changan Automobile reported net profit expected Reaching 5.2 billion yuan, an increase of 43.33% over the same period last year.

New energy vehicle sales growth is fast

From the first half of the industry situation, the overall economy of the car is still declining. Overall car sales fell for the third consecutive month. Passenger vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 3.4%, was the first year-on-year decline in the months since December 2008, except for the New Year. The market situation is grim. However, it is noteworthy that the structural opportunities in the automotive industry, especially the rapid development of new energy vehicles worth the wait.

In September 2014, the policy of exemption of purchase of new energy vehicles was officially launched. Coupled with continuous financial support from the central and local governments, free license plates and unlimited offers, the sales volume of new energy vehicles ushered in rapid growth. In the frequent policy stimulus, auto companies continued to launch new energy automotive products, 34 market potential has also been activated, the Internet giant accelerated access to enhance product competitiveness, the future development of new energy vehicles has great potential.

According to relevant statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the output of new energy vehicles in June was 25,000 units, up more than 3 times over the same period of last year. The number of plug-in passenger vehicles surpassed 7 times of the same period of last year. In 2014, the annual sales volume of new energy vehicles was only 74,800 Car In fact, this structural highlight of the automotive industry has been very clearly reflected in the performance of listed companies in the forecast. From the above seven reported net profit of billions of listed companies to see, without exception, are related to new energy vehicles.

For example, the most eye-catching performance in the mid-year report of Changan Automobile from 2006 onwards, has completed the Great Wall Euler, the Great Wall C20REV and many other new energy models and smart start-stop platform for research and development, while the recent non-public offering to raise funds 168 billion investment The project is also mainly focused on the research and development of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle powertrain and smart cars. It can be said that the continuous increase of new energy automotive products not only helps Changan Automobile seize the market share of new energy vehicles, but also enable enterprises to gain new profit growth points.

Another example is BYD, a leader in new energy vehicles. Its net profit forecast for the highest reported increase of 30% and its net profit reached 480 million yuan. BYD reported profits surge also with the contribution of new energy vehicles this year's growth performance are inseparable. According to the statistics released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, BYD's market share in the field of new energy vehicles in the mainland accounted for 27.9% in 2014 and 49.6% in the plug-in hybrid market.

Preferential policies continue to increase

This year, the field of new energy vehicles can be described as favorable policies, warm breeze blowing. In the long run, the 2025 plan made by China made it clear that the annual sales volume of China's own-brand new energy vehicles will exceed 1 million by 2020. In the near future, green lighting has been turning around for the development of new energy vehicles. For example, Wuhan City, the maximum charge for electric vehicle charging service set at 0.95 yuan / kWh; Jiangsu Province is implemented within the province car, building two-way subsidies.

The policy of new energy vehicles is also gradually released, including the state will set up a new energy vehicles sub-fund, the first phase of the fund size of about 500 million to 700 million yuan, the main investment in the national science and technology transformation projects in the library and the new energy automotive upstream and downstream industry chain Related high-quality projects; charging pile guide is expected to be introduced this month, or accelerate the social capital to enter the 71st batch of energy-saving and new energy vehicles announced, BYD, Lotus, European Union and other pure electric cars selected.

From this point of view, the overall boom in the automotive industry does not affect the performance of its interpretation of the structural market, new energy vehicles will undoubtedly become the cradle of high-quality individual stocks, the growth space worth the wait.

Source: NdFeB Industry Network

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