New Investment Outlet? Pure Electric Logistics Car Surge In October 7 Times

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Pure electric trolley market in recent months, the real rally is fierce.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology certificate output, in October 2017, China's total electric vehicle market produced a total of 13,269 vehicles of various types, down 6.6% from the previous month and 680% more than the same period of last year. This year-on-year increase can only be regarded as the fourth highest of this year: an increase of 1536% in July from a year earlier, setting the highest year-on-year increase; the increase of 863% in August and 1003% in September.

It can also be seen from July to now pure electric car as the main electric vehicle market, gains staggering, menacing. In particular, it experienced a slight fall (7008 units) in August from 10,000 units (10813 units) in July alone, returning to the 10,000 units in September and October and remaining at 1.3 million or more. As the development of the new energy bus market is not as expected or even drastically reduced, the growth of the market as a pure electric logistics car with a new energy commercial vehicle will continue to grow rapidly and will continue to grow. This is indeed the outlet for a new investment.

The first ten months break the record only one step away

From "January-October 2017 pure electric special vehicle market output list" table shows that in October this year, there are many eye-catching performance, of which, Dongfeng pure electric vehicles single-month production of 1635, an increase of 267%, the monthly output Ranking the first in the industry. Passenger buses jumped to the second monthly rank and produced 1319 pure electric logistics vehicles, all of which were net growth. The third monthly production was of Changhe Automobile in Jiangxi Province and 955 pure electric logistics vehicles in October, all of which were net increases. Fourth and fifth respectively in the month were Chongqing Ruichi and Dayun Motors with a production volume of 945 and 733 units respectively. Nanjing Jinlong Kaiwo pure electric sports car performed well, with 733 units produced in October, the same net increase.

From January to October this year, China's total output of pure electric vehicles reached 58296 units, a sharp increase of 4.21 times as much as the same period of last year with a net increase of more than 47,000 units. What is the concept of 47,000? It means that the net increase for January-October is already close to the full-year 2015 production of pure electric vehicles; and the cumulative production of 58,300 vehicles means that from January to November this year, it will exceed last year's total of 60,700 vehicles The production scale. 2017 to create a new history, it's time to kick.

Dongfeng won the first pass, Changhe, Chu and other dark horse steal the spotlight

Due to the lower market threshold, fierce competition, in addition to the east, the 1-10 months of the corporate market rankings again. Specifically, Dongfeng pure electric vehicles (most of them are pure electric van vehicles, the classic models include EQ5044XXYTBEV2, EQ5045XXYTBEV4, EQ5023XXYACBEV1, etc.) January to October this year, cumulative production of 10,779 units, an increase of 309% over the same period last year, the market Share of 18.5%, and maintained the NO.1 status of the industry since 2015. Shaanxi Tong excellent performance this year, the cumulative production of pure electric trolley 6125 (HQG5042 series electric car is the absolute main force), the same period last year A 160-fold increase and a market share of 10.5% (Shaanxi Tongji ranked No. 7 in 2016). Similarly, Hubei Chufeng, ranked third, is the car sub-section of Hengtian Group. Total production of pure electric logistics vehicles was 5,956 in January-October this year, with almost all net growth and market share up to 10.2% Little gap between the whole family (2016 New Chu wind only ranked tenth in the industry).

Fourth place Chongqing Ruichi last year ranked sixth, jumped from January to October this year, two, the cumulative production reached 4071 units, an increase of 615%, the market share rose to 7%. In particular, it is worth noting that Zhongtong Bus has produced 2,813 purely electric logistics vehicles from January to October this year, ranking fifth in the industry rankings, while its rankings have not entered the top 15 last year. This commercial vehicle-based bus company, is rapidly transforming the pure electric trolley market.

In the first ten months of this year, the total output of more than 2000 units and the rapid rise in market rankings also include Fujian New Longma and Yantai Shuchi. The two companies produced 2682 pure electric vehicles and 2,022 vehicles respectively from January to October this year, basically net Growth - Both companies did not enter the top 15 in the industry last year and have jumped sixth and seventh this year.

In addition, Geely commercial vehicles, Jiangxi Changhe Motors, Nanjing Jinlong Kaiwo, Nanjing Iveco (Nanjing Automobile Group) also emerged this year, the market share can be described as a rocket-like rise. Last year, none of the four companies entered the top 15 of the pure electric utility vehicle industry. From January to October this year, they ranked ninth (1655), tenth (1653), twelfth (1248) and Thirteenth (1197), the market performance and performance of the same "grab the scene."

Overall, the market of new energy logistics vehicles continued its rapid growth this year compared with that of the new energy bus market which dropped sharply in 2017. Major auto groups and many bus companies invested heavily in this segment. For a time, Various types of new energy vehicles operating companies, an endless stream of operating modes to promote the rapid expansion of this market. According to the analysis of the first commercial vehicle network, if next year's new energy subsidy policy is readjusted again and then declined, new energy vehicles will hit the whole year of this year under the favorable factors of gradually liberalizing the right of new energy logistics vehicles 100,000 are not far away.

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