New Material High-performance Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets

- Nov 02, 2017 -

To implement the national new materials industry development leading group's overall plan and the "new material industry development guide" put forward the key tasks to promote the implementation of China manufacturing 2025, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance, the CIRC decided to establish a new batch of first application of insurance compensation mechanism (below Referred to as the first batch of new materials insurance mechanism) and to carry out pilot work.


▲ January 23, 2017, "New Materials Industry Development Guide" announced

National focus on new varieties of materials

1. Aluminum plate of high-performance automotive aluminum alloy plate, high strength and toughness of lightweight structural parts die-casting aluminum alloy;

2. Titanium plate of high temperature titanium alloy, ultra-thin wall of titanium and titanium alloy pipe;

3. Rare earth plate of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet, special rare earth alloy;

4. New energy nickel-cobalt-manganese oxide ternary material, high purity crystal lithium hexafluorophosphate material;

5. The rest includes graphene film, liquid metal and so on.

The first batch of new materials application of insurance compensation mechanism of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the three departments of the CIRC jointly established and pilot work to promote the implementation of the Chinese manufacturing 2025. Production of the first batch of new materials business, is the insurance compensation policy to support the object, in line with the conditions of the insured enterprises can apply for the central government financial subsidy funds, the amount of subsidies for the annual premium of 80%.

Dynamic segmentation graph

Insurance products, the CIRC for the promotion of new materials in the application of the special risks, to guide the insurance company to provide customized new materials product quality and safety liability insurance products, underwriting new material quality risk, liability risk.

The limit of liability for the first batch of new materials will be determined on the basis of the amount of the purchase contract and the amount of liability that the product may cause. In principle, the limit of government subsidies does not exceed 5 times the amount of the contract, and the maximum does not exceed 500 million yuan, the maximum premium rate of not more than 3%.

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