Rising Ups And Downs In Supply And Demand Of Rare Earth Market Trends Uncertainties

- Dec 07, 2017 -

In a blink of an eye, the last month of 2017 left, looking back on this year's rare earth market is really very mixed feelings, rare earth prices in the first 8 months soaring, upstream and downstream enterprises have benefited a lot, but from August onwards turn sharply down , The price is low all the way, the market is downturn so far. Some industry laments, rare earth prices have returned to the origin.

At the end of November, the price of neodymium oxide and praseodymium oxide was still falling and the price was close to 300,000 yuan / ton. The price of metallic praseodymium and neodymium dropped to 400,000 yuan / tonne to 410,000 yuan / tonne. In fact, the rare earth market also experienced the same downturn as this year in previous years. However, this year the cost of environmental protection in the factory has increased more than in previous years. Therefore, there are people in the industry who think that the difficulties encountered by enterprises during this year are no smaller than those in the past.

The price of metal dysprosium drops to 1.14 million yuan / ton, which is dysprosium again in the price of 1.15 yuan / ton to 1.16 million yuan / ton. After one month of loosening, it is understood that the price of metal dysprosium is reduced However, there is no real transaction. There are not many inquiries. Some enterprises simply do not offer prices and wait and see.

At the end of November, the price of terbium oxide dropped from 2.95 million yuan / ton to about 2.85 million yuan / ton; the price of europium oxide remained at 430 yuan / kg.

From the National Day after the market came good news, so that the industry is full of expectations on the market, but two months have passed, said the good income and storage did not implement, rare earth prices fell again. Now that the price has returned to the low of this year, it should be said that there is not much room for further downside, but some people still think the market has not completely stabilized yet, in other words, perhaps the rare earth has not dropped to Trough. Ruijin Metal Network believes that the reason why some people in the industry hold this pessimistic view may be related to the current overall supply and demand, supply and demand have been the contradictions in the rare earth market rose this year, the rare earth manufacturers seem to have opened Full horsepower, full production, virtually resulting in surge in inventories, from the decline in rare earth market in August, the downstream application of rare earth manufacturers have taken on-demand procurement of stock, because they saw the supplier's warehouse a large number of product inventory, so fundamental Do not worry about out of stock phenomenon.

Supply exceeds demand - supply in short supply - oversupply, this continuous transformation of supply and demand in the rare earth market in recent years continue to appear, but also caused the ups and downs in the rare earth market, up and down. While some veteran insiders also seem to have adapted to this rhythm, calm and calm mood.

The mentality of the industry is mature, but after a deeper exploration, the market is generally marked with "immature" brand because the policy support for the rare earth industry such as mining black mine privacy, environmental protection measures in this year In the second half and not in place, spontaneous adjustment mechanism in the market is not formed, the speculation in the capital market so that rare earth can easily be manipulated, these unfavorable factors make everyone generally feel helpless.

In the face of such market conditions, Ruidow Metal believes that if the price of rare earth has been so Yindie, the market will be in a state of paralysis, not only in the production of rare earth upstream, but also in downstream markets of the rare earth market A test. Price fell to a certain point, it may cause downstream customers to bargain hunters, it is estimated that this time will come before the New Year.

Source: China Nonferrous Network

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