Shanghai Jiaotong University: A New Battery To Open The Energy Revolution As Fast Charge Make Full Life

- Dec 11, 2017 -

"Charging for 5 minutes and talk for 2 hours" "Easy to get as you go" ... As the pace of life accelerates, people begin to place higher demands on the duration of secondary charging and look forward to maximizing the benefits for a limited period of time , Resulting in the scientific community and industry have been working toward the fast charge and discharge the second lithium-ion battery direction.

In recent years, China began to vigorously develop power batteries and shared transportation and other related industries. China's power lithium-ion battery-related industries also developed rapidly, and fast charging and discharging of secondary batteries became familiar to everyone.

Guo Shouwu team of Shanghai Jiaotong University, through nearly a decade of research, to overcome a number of scientific and technological difficulties, the latest research and development at the 2017 Fair launched "new graphene and graphene-based lithium-ion battery," as "fast Full life "new energy revolution has laid a solid foundation.


Black Gold Technology: Quick charge with graphene battery

Technological innovation has never stopped, and the advent of graphene technology has opened a new era of "fast charge and fast charge lithium-ion battery." Graphene, known as the "black gold" and "the new king of materials", is the newest type of nano-material that is the thinnest, the most powerful and the best in conductivity and thermal conductivity. Graphene, as a new type of low-dimensional carbon material, can improve the conductivity, charge-discharge and cycling performance of the corresponding electrode materials by virtue of its excellent conductivity. Meanwhile, the "flexible" three-dimensional network structure of graphene Effectively inhibit the electrode material due to changes in volume during charging and discharging material expansion, pulverization and aggregation, and enhance the conductive contact with the current collector and the electrolyte. Therefore, graphene can improve the electrochemical performance of the positive and negative materials of lithium batteries, thus greatly improving the lithium battery's high current charge and discharge performance, cycle stability and safety.

"In the lithium-ion battery charge-discharge cycle, in order to maintain the charge balance, the migration of electrons inevitably accompanied by Li + embedding or prolapse.If the electrons can not be imported or exported in time, the enriched electrons will in turn limit the polarization effect of Li + embedding Prolapse, making the deterioration of the electrochemical properties of the material. "GUO Shou-wu Speaking of" fast charge fast "battery R & D situation, said that" subject to the traditional low conductivity of battery materials, lithium-ion battery more powerful input / In fact it is not easy to achieve. "

It is reported that GUO Shou-Wu team made breakthroughs in the preparation, separation and purification of monolayer graphene oxide and graphene, and explored the development and application of graphene macroscopic preparation technology to the promotion of the industrialization of product landing road. By graphene wrapped lithium-ion battery cathode material, effectively improve the conductivity of the battery material, and successfully achieved its industrial application in the lithium battery industry, the myth of overnight flashover has become possible. At the same time, with advanced battery group technology and battery management system, with the Shanghai carbon source Valley Valley New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Dongxu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed a graphene fast charge and discharge lithium-ion battery-based "King" mobile power products and power battery modules. Products with charge and discharge speed, long cycle life, green, etc., are widely used in electric bicycles, energy storage systems, electric vehicles and other fields, to achieve rapid charge-discharge lithium-ion battery production and commercialization.


Five major characteristics: a new battery to open the energy revolution

Shorter charging time has become the people just use smart phones, mobile power, electric vehicle charging process, can improve the conductivity of the battery material is an important way to improve its fast charge-discharge performance. Guo Shouwu team developed a new type of graphene and graphene-based lithium-ion battery to solve the fast charge fast release, and both safe, reliable, green, fashion modeling and other five major characteristics.

Graphene-based lithium-ion fast charge and discharge Li-ion batteries Graphene coated lithium iron phosphate technology, can be faster to achieve charge-discharge function. In the past, it took 3.5 hours to fill 5000mAh and now it takes only 15 minutes. Even if you forgot the night before the night to power the battery does not matter, brush your teeth early in the morning to wash breakfast time, your mobile power will be able to revive full of blood.

Experiments show that the use of new materials, graphene lithium-ion battery and the environment can be highly efficient heat dissipation. Under the same operating parameters, the graphene-based high-temperature lithium-ion battery temperature lower than ordinary lithium-ion battery 5 ℃; 60 ° C high temperature cycle of 2000 times, the capacity retention rate is still more than 80%. Developed by Guo Shouwu team, the graphene-based fast charge and discharge lithium-ion fast-release lithium-ion battery, "Wang generation" second-generation mobile power supply, the battery ceiling temperature increased by 10 ℃, -30 ~ 80 ℃ environment free to work. "Ethylene Wang" battery temperature range of -20 ~ 45 ℃. Therefore, even in the altitude of 2000 meters above the plateau area, their charge and discharge performance also remained stable.

Graphene-based lithium-ion battery products in the extremely stable graphene-based cathode material to ensure high-capacity, long discharge, long use, durability, are set overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over-temperature protection, over Flow protection, short circuit protection and other security features to ensure the stability and safety of batteries and batteries, eliminating the worries of people in the process of using the battery.

King second-generation mobile power with intelligent sleep technology, do not waste every sub-capacity, turn off the stent automatically, but also set the energy-saving and convenient eye LED lamp, using the Hall device on and off, so the real one Full dual use. At the same time, King full set of battery products do not contain lead, mercury, halides and other harmful substances, the environment is very friendly, can be described as true green energy.


For the new energy revolution "recharge life"

In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles in full swing. Compared to the traditional fuel trucks filled with oil within minutes, new energy vehicles will take several hours to fully charge, in the charging pile has not been "everywhere," under the premise of fast charge technology has become an important factor affecting the rapid popularity of electric vehicles , And fast-charging battery has become another driving force lithium-ion battery development.

At the same time, Guo Shouwu team and Shanghai Carbon Source Valley and Dongxu Optoelectronics to carry out the production and research cooperation, completed the graphene technology and its related applications, creating a fast charge / fast release lithium-ion a new era and truly realized 15 minutes super fast flash charge and a high degree of security, standing in the commanding heights of fast charge battery industry. At present, the king of the second generation of mobile power since the market has been strongly rewarded the market, vinyl Wang bicycle with graphene-based fast-charging lithium-ion battery has also been successful and enjoy cycling and other shared bicycle companies to start the project to achieve large-scale production. The future, to enter the field of new energy vehicles, in the existing industrial base to further deepen the extension of the industrial chain, Guo Shouwu team will become the next firm goal.

Source: China Battery Network

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