Smartphone Industry Arms Race Into The Second Half Artificial Intelligence Into The Industry Break The Key Points

- Dec 05, 2017 -

According to market research firm IDC latest research report shows that the smart phone market in the second quarter of this year after a rare contraction, the global smart phone shipments in the third quarter of this year reached 373.1 million, with 363.4 million in the third quarter of 2016 Compared to only an increase of 2.7%. It is an indisputable fact that the global smartphone market has slowed down.


Industry bottlenecks urgently need new growth

In the global market as a whole slowed down, the Chinese mobile phone market has shown a highly concentrated trend. With intense market competition, rising costs of components and supply chain, handset manufacturers' profits have been further diluted and their survival pressure has become greater.

In the face of pressure, Zhao Ming, president of Glory, in an interview with Voice of China said that due to the development of channels, the team in China has become more mature. Such glory brand in the Chinese market has become solid, it will put more energy into the global market construction, adhere to the asset-light mode to overseas markets.

Industry development bottlenecks encountered, based on the traditional thinking of the product to establish a competitive advantage quickly be leveled off. From the rapid development of smart phones to slow, product innovation from the characteristics of ordinary. On the other hand, it is clearly not enough to try to reverse the situation simply by tactical changes in marketing and marketing.

The arms race aggravates artificial intelligence

Needless to say, the smart phone manufacturers as a whole into the "plateau response" period, how to break the industry as a collective problem. Breakthrough in new technologies, the key to breaking the industry. The advent of the AI era has given AI an incremental element for growth in the handset industry, bringing "AI's oxygen" to manufacturers in hypoxia, leaving the overall sluggish smartphone industry to see new hope.

2017 is the year of artificial intelligence. When the smartphones fall into the category of "anti-counterfeit", Apple, Huawei and Glory actively explore new technologies and launch new products such as the V10 glory, driving the overall craze of artificial smartphones and leading the mobile phone industry. The next future.

As early as a few months ago, Huawei conducted the first exploration of the artificial intelligence field in the mobile phone industry by glory Magic. Zhao Ming, President of Glory, said that the "pit" of Magic as the first artificial intelligence cell phone is still More The future from the glory of artificial intelligence development point of view, will be closer to the actual needs of users, the user's appetite for a better understanding of user data through the understanding and learning around the user's basic necessities of life, the entire ecological chain get through, which may be the future of artificial intelligence Glory needs to develop in one direction.


Turn or focus on "smart" is safe

Some domestic shopping malls in the face of the white-hot mobile phone market, but also in the product innovation and weakness, it is difficult to create new high growth, have set their sights on the smart home, to start the ecological chain build, trying to catch the next outlet.

In response, Zhao Ming, president of Glory, said that the application of artificial intelligence technology to smart home and other forms is inevitable, artificial intelligence technology will transform all aspects of life. However, at present, Huawei still wants to do a good job of using mobile phones first, using strategic forces in strategic directions, defining reasonable boundaries for themselves, and sticking to what they do and not doing.

Although artificial intelligence is branded "smart," it is also composed of pedestrian code behind it. Artificial intelligence in the convenience of users at the same time, it will inevitably bring some privacy risks of users.

Faced with this issue, President Zhao Ming glory, said in an interview with reporters, Huawei in the beginning of the design of smart phones put user privacy as the first priority issue to consider, the establishment of a global security privacy office, the privacy level Comply with worldwide standards. In addition, insist the data is the user, all the operations will be carried out after the user authorization. Zhao Ming also said that Huawei is also currently working with the Ministry of Industry and communication and cooperation, all the operations are within the framework of the Ministry of Industry, will not conduct illegal operations.

Glory has not yet been honored intelligence still need to work hard

As the leader of "artificial intelligence" among domestic handset makers, glory is only a leader and has not reached the point of compaction. Speaking of the stage and level of development in which glory artificial intelligence is currently located, Zhao said frankly that at present the field of artificial intelligence in the world is still very young in all aspects, that is, one level in the mother's body and one in kindergarten. There is still a great distance away from the artificial intelligence you are looking for, every one of us. We are ahead of others, others have not yet been born, we have come out. In the future, we must continue our efforts to keep the industry's leading level and position.

In addition, Zhao Jun also disclosed that Huawei currently has many technical cooperation with the top universities in China. Each year, more than 10 billion U.S. dollars have been invested in product development, technology development and future-oriented technologies with a considerable sum of money Investment into the university, but this investment is not a technology buyout, but to share some technical achievements, hoping to get the patent open, sharing the industry outstanding research results.

Source: China Battery Network

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