Strong Landing Properties Rely On Local Policy To Share Cars Next Year To Be Shuffled

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Car time-shared leasing is a property with a high degree of on-site property and strong dependence on land-based resources. It wants to succeed locally and is highly dependent on resources such as licenses and parking spaces. These resources are irreplaceable.

December 4, car rental platform PonyCar received 250 million yuan C round of financing. Last month, there were also two heavyweight players in the scene, and the BMW and US Mission shared car project landed in Chengdu. In March and October of this year, the time-sharing leasing company Friends Vehicles and EZZY went bankrupt one after another, which did not allow the market to expel enthusiasm for shared cars.

"In 2018, with the landing of carbon emission standards documents and the increased demand of OEMs for capacity-building, the share-sharing auto industry in China will face a period of eruption and more enterprises will be enrolled. In a short period of time, sharing a car will not be like sharing a bicycle That appeared similar to worship, ofo oligopoly competition, but the competition between each other will be more bloody. "December 3, Yang Yang, CEO of Micro-Bank said in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald.

Relevant data show that China's time-sharing rental market to local carriers, the market share of more than 90%. Open markets and users make the timeshare market more attractive to businesses with different industry backgrounds and locations.

Enrollment will be more and more

On August 8, 2017, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly released the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Small and Mini Bus Leasing, and encouraged the development of time-sharing car leasing market.

According to a report released by Roland Berger, "How Timeshare Is Levied in China," the report believes that in the next 10 years, the number of time-sharing car leases in China will maintain a 45% CAGR and that the number of rental car rentals in 2025 will be Up to 600,000.

The current time-sharing leasing companies mainly in the following four: First, "car prices", which is a subsidiary of the car OEM or shared projects and OEMs stake in background companies such as Daimler's Car2go and Car2Share, SAIC and Shanghai Automotive City EVCARD, Lifan's Hope Trip, the first steam Gofun, BAIC green trip, green dog travel; Second, "cross-border", cross-border giants in other industries into the time-sharing rental market, such as HNA Group Ventures Small car rental, the droplet sub-sub-leasing, the United States and other car rental; third is the "car rental system", car rental companies turn to engage in time-sharing rental business, such as TOGO passers-by, Bao driving travel; Fourth, third-party technology companies engaged Timeshare rental business, such as once the car, EZZY and so on.

In the early stages of exploring the shared car model, although these four types of enterprises have their own advantages, they also face different problems. For example, "Car Enterprise System" relies on the OEMs to gain the convenience of car sources, technologies and infrastructure. This includes two types of enterprises: one is dominated by China's automakers or is a shareholder; the other is a multinational car Enterprise global travel projects in China.

The current time-sharing leasing market in China includes the German Big Three, Mercedes-Benz's Car2go and Car2Share, BMW's ReachNow and Audi's Audi On Demand. The common feature of these time-shared leasing projects is that they have all brought the project to China after they first landed in Europe and the United States.

"These multinationals are good at traditional European and American play, but this regular play, car2go has proved difficult to play in China in different cities have different policies and resources, timeshare leasing very local characteristics, Multinational companies in a short period of time difficult to grasp. "December 3, time-sharing leasing an industry source said.

As for cross-border gamers, the most important advantage of marching into the timeshare market is that they have user resources. Meituan's accumulated user resources such as "clothing, food and shelter" enable its target users to provide a complete set of value-chain integrated services and derive more commercial value while challenging timeshare leasing market.

Backed by giant timeshare rental company, with strong financial support. The shortage of funds is a common problem faced by other shared vehicles and a major reason that shared vehicles will be phased out one after another in the coming years.

"There will be more capital influx next year and it will also be a year of consolidation mergers and acquisitions by the timeshare leasing industry. Market space will be squeezed, the size of the top 30 markets will expand, and some timeshare leasing companies will be eliminated. But there are also some small companies who will hold their own small positions in the area. "Yang Yang said.

Source: I love tram network

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