Subsidies Of New Energy Vehicles Or The Impact Of Consumption On The Downslope Small Displacement Car Sales Rebound

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Last weekend, Yangcheng Evening News reporter visited a number of Shanghai 4S shop found that sales of small displacement cars have shown a slight rebound, the purchase of tax concessions last train a lot of consumers. At the same time, worried about subsidies to the downslope, changes in license policies, new energy vehicles market also increased.

Double positive small displacement car ushered in a wave of car tide

Wang Jing Road, Xinzha Road, a joint venture car dealers 4S shop sales consultant, said Mr. Wang, the discount rate is now the largest, most suitable, from two perspectives, one is the purchase tax of 75% off, and second, all the car line, this Time node is the impulse of our time, want to complete the task, you have a large margin of preference. Almost all 4S stores are down concessions, so this time is the best time to buy a car.

At the end of the car discount margin, coupled with the purchase tax concessions, double favorable conditions, the industry believes that by the end of this period, small displacement cars will usher in a wave of car buying tide. After the cancellation of the purchase tax concession, passenger car sales are expected to decline in the next 1.6 and below. "After the purchase tax incentives, the new car displacement will gradually return to normal direction, although the small displacement is still the theme song, but will never blindly launch a small displacement engine can be expected that the future 1.5T-2.0T will gradually Become the mainstream displacement, and now the small displacement engine will gradually be equipped with some special models, such as hybrid models. "

New energy vehicles subsidy or decline will affect consumer willingness

It is said that recently, many ministries have been on 2018 new energy vehicle subsidies to adjust the direction and program for a small discussion. According to the discussion paper of this small-scale meeting, the subsidy threshold for new energy passenger vehicles will be further raised in 2018. "In all aspects, the subsidies for new energy vehicles may be expected to decline more rapidly than expected."

Beijing Transportation Development Research Institute recently released a survey titled "Results of the Consumers Survey of New Energy Vehicles in China's Six Cities in 2017". The report shows that in Shanghai, for example, if you cancel the number plate discount, 75% of consumers will not choose new energy vehicles, of which 59% will still choose gasoline vehicles.

Reporters visited Shanghai in recent days the major new energy car market found that may be affected by policy rumors, came to see the car and test drive an endless stream, on-site sales are almost all one to explain to multiple customers.

Last weekend, located in Hongmei Road, Minhang District, a new energy car 4S shop, sales staff busy with the intention to send a message to Mr. Wang. Dear customer Hello, there are a variety of cars to the store, the amount of subsidies, the latest due expire in December, please visit the car.

According to Mr. Wang introduced, "Limited card" into an important driver of Shanghai's new energy vehicles. "Now buy a car license must be auctioned, the latest auction price has more than 90,000 yuan now to the store to see the car will consult the pure electric car, because of unlimited license; some ready to buy a second car family, is Go straight to new energy vehicles.

Gu interested in buying new energy vehicles, told reporters, "New energy vehicles in general, the price is not expensive also sent to Shanghai card, it is indeed a temptation, but also make a contribution to environmental protection, of course, new energy vehicles are some drawbacks, keep the car The cost is not low, insurance is also slightly higher than the same class car, the most important is the policy uncertainty affects the willingness to buy.

Source: China Battery Network

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