The New Car Forces Hit The Group Who Will Become China's New Energy Industry Catfish?

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Music as the car crash after the collapse of the rest of the chicken feather has been released in the wind, the global capital markets enthusiasm for the new car manufacturing enterprises in China also instantly reduce the temperature. NDRC approval of new energy vehicles has been suspended for six months, despite the recent ripples, but capital and policy aspects of the attitude of the new car manufacturers gradually return to rational. However, with this irreversible trend of development in the times, some powerful new repairer forces are surging and accelerating the pace of China's new energy market.

November 25 - Internet car behalf Wei to the world's first user center Nio House shop in Beijing's famous Chang'an Avenue Oriental Plaza opened, and its first production of electric SUV is about half a month later announced the price to go on sale .

November 29 - Enon New Energy Co., Ltd., registered in Tianjin, opened the world's first integrated restaurant and experience center of the Unicorn-W Motors in Dubai, one of the global financial centers. And prior to the 28th, Microsoft announced in Los Angeles and Ericon became partners to jointly develop the future of smart cars.

December 1 - Industrial base settled in Nanjing, BYTON, its North American headquarters in the United States Silicon Valley officially opened. At the opening ceremony, BYTON announced a strategic partnership with top auto parts suppliers Bosch and Faurecia, as well as the 2022 model plan.

Wei Lai car on behalf of the Internet thinking, from ultra-run W Motors brand into the pure electric Ioncon, the traditional car to the new energy BYTON Beng Teng, the recent intensive operation of three companies, so that new cars in the quiet forces After a period of time once again become the focus of public opinion. And these three have a strong business strength, refresh the past, the impression of the new car business.

Has a "luxury day group" of the core team

The well-known words of "the most important talent in the 21st century" are vividly reflected in the new car-making enterprises.

This year, Shanghai Automotive Industry Group Vice President Zhang Hailiang, CFO Gu Feng and chief engineer Cheng Thunder, have left their job to new car manufacturing enterprises, but the new car manufacturing enterprises on the traditional car companies talent "dig" a microcosm. The new car companies wantonly recruited talent, from its core team members can be seen.

Founded in 2016, Econonic, the core team members can be described as talent. Wu Nan, President of Ionicon, is the co-founder of W Motors. The core team includes not only Ralph Debbas, W Motors Chairman and CEO of Wynnix, but also Bruno Lambert, formerly president of Magna's Asia Pacific region in China's auto industry. Klaus Badenhausen, chief engineer of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Engineering and Technology, former vice president of Chery, and Bernd Pichler, formerly Jaguar Land Rover and executive vice president of Volkswagen Group.

Even the Wei generous property of the Internet, but also former Cisco's chief technology officer and chief strategy officer, chief technology officer of Motorola Wusi Li income under the command of Wu Sili is not only the world leader in high-tech fields, but also Microsoft , GAP and BOX, and many other well-known company's directors.

BYTON Baiteng president and co-founder Dr. Dai Lei Automotive industry is no stranger to the previous after Infiniti and other traditional auto companies for many years, has extensive experience. At the opening ceremony of North American headquarters, BYTEL Biotech CEO and co-founder Dr. Bi Fukang, President and co-founder Dr. Dai Lei, and the newly joined Global Supply Chain Senior Vice President Wei Sitao, vice president of Smart Vehicle User Experience Cong Haoren Core team together. In the BYTON core team, you can see a number of former Tesla and Apple's core experts figure.

Although these new car manufacturers are labeled "new entrants to the automotive industry," their experience with team members shows that they are familiar with cars and have very long-term and excellent qualifications, mostly in the automotive industry Inside the elite. And not only has rich experience in repairer, master the leading core technology, but also has a wealth of industry resources.

High-performance car as a starting point into the market

As we all know, repairer is a complex project, involving materials, suppliers, technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing and many other aspects. Emerging car companies can start from scratch, whether a new brand can survive in the market and gain a firm foothold, more effective resource integration and strategy formulation. Obviously, when the traditional Chinese auto companies continue to impact the high-end market and strive to enhance their brand image, these new gurus who are well versed in the essence of making cars have a clear market-cutting thinking.

Internet-based zero-based car on behalf of Wei to Wei cars, the founder of Li Bin should be regarded as the least direct experience making people. However, a year ago, the London Saatchi Art Museum, Wei to the car's first electric super running NIO EP9 debut, its 1360 hp power, 0-200 km acceleration of 7.1 seconds, 313KPH speed data, highlight Wei to car In the design and development of technical strength. After the successful attention of EP9, Wei to launch a truly ES8 models for mass consumption.

Similarly, this year's Shanghai auto show, in the "Speed and Passion 7" debut film became the world's car enthusiasts dream of Lycium, and 7 series of the same stage appearance, let everyone see Econonic 7 Department of ultra-gene on the body, at the same time endorsement W Motors ultra-run brand endorsement on the technology and research and development of Ai Kang Ni has a clearer understanding.

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