The Third Batch Of Photovoltaic Leader Base List Finalized Base Construction Started Before The End Of June Next Year

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The third batch of leader base list finally finalized!

On November 30, the National Energy Administration of China issued "Notice on Announceting the Leading Base of Photovoltaic Generation in 2017 and Implementation of Relevant Requirements" (the "Notice") on November 30, formally proclaiming 10 leading sites for application such as the second phase of Shanxi Datong and Shangrao, Jiangxi Province 3 technology leader base list. The "Notice" requires that the application leading site should be fully constructed before June 30, 2018, and all grid capacity will be completed before December 31.

The Notice shows that the list of the leading photovoltaic power generation bases set by the Bureau of Energy in 2017 is Shanxi Datong Phase II, Shouyang Shanxi, Weinan Shanxi, Haixing Hebei, Baicheng Jilin, Sihong in Jiangsu, Golmud in Qinghai, Dalat in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai Delhi and Jiangsu Bao Ying a total of 10 leading application base and Jiangxi Shangrao, Shanxi Changzhi and Shaanxi Tongchuan a total of three technology leader base.

In order to ensure the successful construction of the leading base and achieve the expected results, the NEA requires all bases to further review and implement the construction, environmental protection, safety and land construction conditions, strictly observe the ecological red line and safety bottom line, and meet the planning requirements and land policies. All relevant power grid enterprises should follow the promises to do a good job in supporting the construction of the base. At the same time, it is necessary to give play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources. Adhere to the competitive allocation of resources, do not engage in local protection, do not engage in administrative intervention, do not engage in discrimination, competition should be treated equally and be fair and open.

In addition, the "Circular" requires that all bases leading technology should conscientiously do a good job of auditing checks and checks of advanced photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises and cutting-edge technologies, strictly advancing the technology, and confirming that the relevant products have not yet been completed, thus forming a batch manufacturing capacity. All bases should scientifically select and prioritize the projects with relatively better comprehensive conditions to undertake the construction of an integrated technical monitoring platform for the base.

In accordance with the relevant work plan and schedule, leading application base should be completed before March 31, 2018 competitive selection, all started construction before June 30, December 31 all the capacity built and grid; technology leader base should be in April 2018 Completion of the competition 30 days ago, March 31, 2019 all started construction, completed before June 30 all the capacity and network.

Next, the National Energy Administration will, in conjunction with relevant parties, supervise and supervise the optimization, construction and operation of the base in strict accordance with the "Notice" requirements and relevant requirements, and establish and improve the system of encouraging and punishing dishonesty so as to ensure the lead role of the project fully use. For bases and related parties that do not construct and dishonestly according to requirements, they shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions; for those who can not complete the competition and selection or start construction with no justifiable reasons on schedule, they shall be deemed to automatically abandon the construction of the base.

"The official list and the previous announcement did not change much. The 1.5GW timeline and reservation targets were also mentioned in the previous September documents, so" notifications "are generally in line with expectations." SOLARZOOM New Energy Think Tank Specialist Ding Yesterday, the reporter said to Shanghai Securities News.

In September, the "Notice on Implementing the Plan and Leading the Construction of Base in 2017" released by the National Energy Administration in September on the promotion of photovoltaic power generation leaders shows that no more than 10 application leading bases and 3 technology leading bases to be built in this period should Respectively, by the end of 2018 and first half of 2019 before the completion of all grid-connected power generation. The remaining size in 2017 is reserved as an incentive mechanism.

Ding Ya said that the "Circular" stipulates that these front-runners will start work before the end of June next year, and their installed capacity will concentrate on the second half of the year, especially the fourth quarter, thus making a relatively small contribution to the installed capacity in the first half of next year. However, this tender price will have a certain impact on the follow-up subsidy policy, which is very instructive.

In contrast, the second batch of top runners plan to require the grid to be connected before the end of September this year and all bases have been completed before the end of October last year.

Source: China Battery Network

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