Total Investment Of Over 160 Billion In 2017 Power Battery Industry Investment Continued To Be Hot

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Power battery investment in 2017 continued hot. From the 2017 public company announcements and public reports, incomplete statistics of the January-November power battery and related industrial chain investment, statistics, 78 projects total investment of over 164.8 billion yuan.

The current power battery market is rapidly gathering to the leader. According to the statistics, the top ten power battery suppliers in October are Ningde Times, BYD, BAK, Watma, Guoxuan Tech, Zhejiang Tiangong, Suzhou Xingheng, Tianjin Lishen, Jiangsu Zhi Air, Zhuhai Silver Dragon. In the first 10 months of 2017, the installed capacity of lithium-ion batteries in China's new energy vehicle market was 18.1GWh, up 31.43% over the same period of last year (13.78GWh in the same period of previous year).

Power battery market is increasingly fierce competition, elimination accelerated. According to statistics, a total of 76 battery suppliers have been effectively installed and supplied in the first ten months of 2017. The estimated full-year volume is about 80, as compared with 109 last year, which means that it will reduce 30 battery suppliers this year . However, insiders pointed out that this will not be the final result, the next phase-out will be faster.

Due to the adjustment of subsidy policy, the demand for power battery fluctuated greatly since 2017, but the overall upward trend. High-end power battery production capacity is still insufficient, while the low-end overcapacity, the industry reshuffle accelerated, the survival of the fittest, strong Hengqiang.

Source: China Battery Network

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