Welcomed The UAV + Blue Ocean Market

- Oct 27, 2017 -

"UAV" three words, has become a popular search words nowadays. And with the UAV to send delivery is not new, and now unmanned aerial vehicles and flew to a wider area. "UAV + agriculture", "UAV + environmental protection", "UAV + traffic" ... ... UAV and traditional industries combined to open up a new "Blue Ocean".


What is UAV?

Unmanned aircraft referred to as "unmanned aerial vehicles", is the use of radio remote control equipment and own program control device to manipulate the manned aircraft.


UAV + industry applications, is the UAV really just need.


"UAV + agriculture" can be used in pesticide spraying, pest monitoring, forest protection. UAVs load the spectral sensor, flying over the rice fields in a circle, you can record the color depth of rice, people can determine the growth of rice, the follow-up pesticides, fertilizer spray to provide a reference. In addition, unmanned aerial vehicles can also be used to study the process of land desertification, vegetation changes, soil salinization testing, and other insect pests and diseases monitoring and early warning.


In addition to the wide range of applications in the field of agriculture, unmanned aerial vehicles in the field of transportation also show their talents. December 2 this year is the fourth "National Traffic Safety Day", Chongqing traffic police in the process of law enforcement used UAV, used to capture illegal activities. According to the remote control UAV civilian police, unmanned aerial vehicles can monitor the blind area of the illegal acts to supplement the capture, in the case of traffic congestion, the UAV can be the first to the scene investigation, through the map transmission function will return to the command center , To facilitate remote command and guidance.


In the field of environmental protection, unmanned aerial vehicles can be used to observe the air, soil, vegetation and water quality conditions, but also real-time tracking and monitoring of sudden environmental pollution incident development; monitoring plant waste and wastewater discharge, looking for pollution sources.


UAV applications are becoming more and more popular. When a flood occurs, the UAV can carry a lifesaving rope or life buoy and put it on the needy. When someone in the process of climbing the disease, unmanned aerial vehicles can carry emergency medicine to the patient side.


The data show that consumer sales of UAVs in 2015 are expected to exceed 4 million, and in 2020 to 16 million it is clear that we have entered a new era, UAV is no longer a toy, but A technique that affects our lives. The future, UAV or in the next few years will usher in a real outbreak.

This article from the "neodymium iron boron industry" magazine

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